Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday "A Little Dog Named Monty"

Since the first day Monty came to live with us, he stole our hearts. Raymond had owned two wonderful boxer's in Tennessee, Lucy the Mother and Bruno her son. Planning to travel extensively in Australia, the last thing we needed on the road in a caravan was a dog. However, being asked by a relocating family if we wanted a small dog they had to leave behind we gave in and took him. Those imploring eyes tugged at our heartstrings as he stood on hind legs begging us to love him. I gave in first. "We'll have to take him Raymond," I said when we got home, " he looked so sad poor little thing!"
"I aint taking no dog round with us," came my husbands southern drawl reply, "we don't need it." A couple of days went by before I approached the subject again.
"He's so cute, he won't be much trouble."
"Well if you want him, we'll have him," Raymond reluctently gave in.
So Monty came to live with us. Raymond ignored him to begin with.
Then he became the subject of Monty's stares. "What are you lookin at me for?" Raymond questioned him. "Okay, come on then and we'll take a walk." Soon they became best friends and Raymond took Monty everywhere he went.
"Honey you can't let him get in the car all wet from the grass," I'd chide.
"That's okay," Raymond defended, "I'll wipe his feet first." And off they drove in the SUV with the back window down and Monty's little head sticking out with glee. I didn't get asked if I'd like to go as much anymore but Monty was never forgotten. One day I decided to go to town with them.
"Watch this," said Raymond approaching traffic lights on a steep hill. Two little dogs like our little one lived in a corner house right at the lights. As we approached they chased around their fenced border barking at the cars. "Get em Monty," Raymond gave the command. On queue Monty's head stuck out of the window as far as it would go. "Bark at em Monty," Raymond instructed. Monty went to town barking up a fit until the lights changed and we had to move off. Raymond laughed proudly like a dad with his champion son. "Did you see that Hon, isn't he smart?" I wasn't so sure....... Next he taught Monty to bark at the birds who invaded our fruit tree's. Well, that wasn't so bad I decided. A couple of times Monty would go missing. "Where's Monty?" I'd ask, you didn't leave him in the car did you Raymond?" Bashfully Ray would go looking to discover a contented little dog asleep on the back seat. Other times he would lock up downstairs only to discover later, he'd locked Monty in. Once Ray even had the idea to build a special seat on the back of his Harley so he could take Monty for rides. Now he's fixing up a 1955 Oldsmobile and is planning to take Monty for the very first ride!.......... What's next??
At night when the lights are low and we are warm and secure from winters cold. Monty stares at his dad from his place on the floor mat. He wants to be taken onto Ray's comfortable soft lap. From a little dog who once wasn't wanted, Monty is now, king of our hearts and our home.

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