Wednesday, July 29, 2020


 The Spanish Flu in 1918 killed.... over five million people. The exact number is unknown. 

An Inspirational MESSAGE from Dr Michael Youssef.

May the Lord Bless and keep you safe. 

As a former E.R.  RN I know how good PULMICORT through a NEBULIZER helps the lungs to clear thus assisting the passage of gases.. (Oxygen (O2 and carbon dioxide(CO2).

A doctor from West Texas has had great success by using this method on anyone suffering from Corona.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Christian Inspirational Romance Kindle and Paperback

All of my Christian Love Inspired Books are still at DISCOUNT 

As a Christian I serve the Lord, not money. This is the reason that I do not over price my stories. 

God owns everything, we own nothing. All is on loan until we take that final journey, to be with HIM. 

So, if you like to read uplifting faith empowered fiction, then you 
will find reassuring - Love, Faith, Mystery, Humor, and some Medical, in my stories.

Some about me and my past...

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Adventure, Thrills and Chills STORY

YES, its all here and you will find surprise after surprise with this one.

If you like to read the SUPERNATURAL then hang on for the ride. 

In the country music world of 1925, many surprises await Gracie. Romance, Angel Messengers, and the terror of being locked in a GRAVEYARD vault by her ruthless abductor. What CHILLS next?

The cost is cheaper than a cup of coffee.... the thrills lasts longer. 


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September 22, 2019
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Friday, February 21, 2020


This Incredible story is NOT to be missed.  AND... only priced at $1 on Amazon Kindle. WOW!!! 

I can see that it has been lost among the books on AMAZON from no fault of its own.. 

So I want to get it out there... YOU, the bookworm, reader, reviewer, need to get this one!

The cover and the synopsis do nothing to reveal what a great read this is.

It touched my heart and it will do the same with yours. 

This book should be made into a movie... it is amazing. 


1 customer review

February 20, 2020
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Monday, January 27, 2020

The Greatest Teacher of Them All

While earnestly in prayer this morning I was reminded of the Beatitudes.. Jesus Blessings to us.

In Jesus own words He focuses on our  weaknesses and our strengths and how they can be turned to good in our Fathers sight.  
His words uplifted the downtrodden as an example for us to do the same.
So, never let your words hinder or be judgemental.  

Are you feeling lost?

Are you sorrowing after something?

Do you feel inadequate?

We are ALL different. God made us so. 


Two of these components differ.

Our bodies are different in gender, then shape, size, and looks.

Our souls are also different in our likes, needs, wants, thoughts, desires. Yes, our soul is the us that we are. It is our personality and these differ.

Our only likeness is our Spirits because they are created in the image of God.

Yet with our spirit we can CHOSE to be filled with holiness, or we can choose to be filled with evil. 

Is all holiness the same? When we choose Jesus Christ as our Lord and our Savor, we will want to walk in His ways. 

We won't all see Gods Word in the same way because our souls are different. AND.. we can be at a different growing stage of our life journey. BUT, we are to keep our eyes on Jesus, as our main focus.    NOT, disagree on various scripture meanings. 

Who are we to judge another child of God? 

 Be encouraged. Be uplifted. Be blessed.

God understands you. He looks into your heart.

 Read the Beatitudes that JESUS spoke. Hear His voice in your mind as you do.  

KNOW that GOD ACCEPTS and LOVES you....                            

Just as you are......  

Read your Bible... and let the Holy Spirit teach you. 

Turn your eyes upon Jesus  ....  He is everything. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Encapsulating the MIND

Do you LOVE to have your mind encapsulated to the point of escaping to times, places and events that make you SOAR!!

I do too...

That's why I write what will keep your heart thumping for more while your soul is captured and held.

After living in the American deep south I found the most exciting places to let my imagination run riot.
We can learn about history in school... but in a book such as this one, your fantasies about those bygone times will become a reality.

My medical knowledge came to the frontline with this story. How many people actually understand that the unconscious patient may be aware of far more than realized?

OKAY... No spoilers..

For the next few days this book is being given away for FREE on Amazon Kindle.
So grab it and read it. Tell your friends - write a review.. This is YOUR chance to have YOUR opinion up in print. So.... tell the world (and me) what you think about the story. What you felt as you read the pages.
I can't wait to know YOUR view.