Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday "Empty Nest"

As time passes and your children become independant with lives of their own and adjustments have to be made. Travelling around Australia my husband Raymond took this photo of these beautiful Jabiru. It made me think how lost we, as parents feel when our own chicks first begin to fly off.... no longer do they need our wings of protection. So the cycle of life moves on to empty nest time. To some this means freedom, to others it spells lonliness. For myself it was the latter and I had a difficult time coming to terms with losing my eldest child to marriage. Now my second eldest is back living at home again. I feel he should be independant and off on his own but also, slightly selfishly, I enjoy the company. We are no longer mother and child but equal adults with views of our own. Unlike the birds who fly off never to return, thankfully I see my adult chicks quite often. I enjoy my eight grandchildren and have seperate feelings of love for each of them. How must God, our Father in Heaven feel about all of His children. Well His word has much to say about that. We have the freedom to visit Him in pray at any time, night or day. There are no restraints. He forgives us all our debts and faithfully loves us without condition.

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