Thursday, May 13, 2021

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 Any culture that differs from the country in which they live.... will always face problems.


What do you know about life in a middle eastern culture living in the west?    How does one young woman feel in such a family? Worse still, she has a cruel step mother who makes her life miserable


Would Yasmin's HIDDEN DREAMS come TRUE? 

Will her new life become better or will it end in complete disappointment? ?

 It was not easy for Yasmin growing up in a restricted culture that differed 

 from the western country where she lived. What made it even harder was

  a stepmother who ridiculed, scorned, and abused her.
 After completing her University studies and now a qualified registered nurse,

  it was time for Yasmin to PLAN her ESCAPE. To run away and DISAPPEAR 

 from her restricted upbringing with the religious ENFORCED implications.
 She planned her ESCAPE well in advance. There must be no mistakes. 

 Her life could depend on it.

Leaving her home, she RUNS AWAY very early one morning before her family                                       is awake. Her destination was a city on the opposite side of her vast                                                  Australian country.

 A new life awaited. One that she hoped spelled freedom, love, happiness,                                               and friendships. 

 Would Yasmin find these valuable treasures??                                                                                           Or would she be hunted down, found, and punished?

Read this story to find out Yasmin's many surprises. What awaits this innocent young woman?

Monday, May 10, 2021


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Saturday, May 8, 2021



I worked in the E.R. when the SARS VIRUS (2002) was contagious. 

Both COVID-19 and SARS are caused by Coronaviruses.

Covid-19 is a BAD type of flu, nothing more, and it can be healed.

As a now retired Health professional, here is what I do. 

1. Buy and use, EUCALYPTUS OIL in an infuser to breath and clear toxins from your lungs.

2. Use a PARACETAMOL (fever) 4 hourly on the dot, as per directed for the quantity daily. (No More) READ INFORMATION!!                                                                                                          ** ALWAYS take after some food! Its important for your liver.


3. Buy and drink Schweppes TONIC WATER, about 4 glasses of this a day.

It contains QUININE 

Why is quinine being discussed in COVID-19 times? - The Hindu 

4. Take ZINC tablets or Capsules... They pick up the immune system.

5. Get out in the SUNSHINE and FRESH AIR on and off throughout the day. 

6. If coughing a lot, sleep sitting up (recliner chair is great) to drain the lungs.

7. With all chest/lung problems, NEVER breath cold air. It constricts the airways and makes it worse. Stay inside when the weather is bad. If days are sunny, then go outside but back inside when cool air falls. 

My advice is Cheap and easy. God made our bodies to heal themselves.  


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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Can YOU EVER experience the PERFECT LIFE?

 Look at a beautiful woman who appears to have the world at her feet.  

BUT, does she? ? ?   Read this story and find out. 

I write a ministry OF LOVE to touch the hearts of those who desire........ MORE. 

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Sunday, May 2, 2021


JESUS  is the ONLY TRUTH. He cares sooooo much, that he died for us. 

Even a strong Christian can be fooled at times by Satan.

How do I know this??

Simple... he even tried to sway........... JESUS himself...............with his words..

Satan came to Jesus as a kindly soul.... What did he try to do??

We don't do things for God to make HIM love us.

BUT, we do things for God BECAUSE we love HIM. 

Jesus paid the price for my sins..  Thank you Jesus. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

How Amazing is life in the Twenty-First Century .

 My Grandmother, Annie A Charles (nee Cozens). 1914.

My mother Emilie, and her grandfather Evan Cozens (91) era 1920. 

Yes, how amazing is it to look back on real people, family and life from the past.

Wouldn't they be shocked to see how advanced we have become, and so quickly.

I was born at the end of 1944...

My parents and siblings, I was the babe in arms, conceived and born after my father returned home from 3 years in the 2nd WW. He was traumatised for a long time. 

My mother sewed all of our clothes on a TREDLE SEWING MACHINE. I remember her singing hymns as she happily sewed.  

I am 4 years old in this photo, wearing a waisted skirt my mother made from old curtains. 

My elder brother bought the first car we owned in 1960. It was a 1938 Brick, his pride and joy.

At 15 yrs I sewed the skirt I wore.  Girls today are not as shy and na├»ve as I was then. 

All washing was done in a laundry shed at the back of our home. Water boiled in a wood fueled copper got ladled by hand into a hand pumped washing machine. See the handle on the right. It would be pumped up and down to wash the clothes. No need to go to the Gym in those days, the work kept you slim. I can still see my mother working that handle. She never complained believing to be blessed to have it.  

Finally all the washing hung on two long lines strung between poles. The sun and breeze was our drier. Washing took the whole day to complete. 

       I don't like clothes driers and still hang my washing out in the sun to dry. 

OH, and if you wanted photographs, then they were taken by a hand camera with a film inside. When the amount of photos allowed were taken, the film was removed and taken to a chemist for development. You waited anxiously for a couple of days to see them. Often many weren't worth keeping so even though they cost to be seen, some were thrown away. 

With all the advanced in technology today, and with less time needing to wait, people still complain and are not happy.