Friday, December 30, 2022

Gender Dysphoria and Children Today

 The word dysphoria means a state of feeling very unhappy, uneasy, or dissatisfied. 

Sadly this is happening more and more with young people today. For this reason, I have written this children's book. 

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Coming in Amazon to your country.  

I was shocked when my six-year-old grandson stated he wanted to be a girl. 

So this is my first children's book in response to him and many other confused little ones. 

All children are unique, and all need to feel they have their own special abilities.

I love this Bible verse, which shows how intricately God designed us. 

Consider buying this little book for your children, grandchildren, 
nieces, and nephews. 

All children need to feel accepted, protected, and wanted.

They do not need to feel confused or in the wrong body. 

There are differences between Boys and Girls.  

Sonia Qutami speaks of her experience. 

Listen to this amazing testimony of a woman who desired 

to be a man. 

Sonia to be James...  


Tuesday, December 20, 2022

BOOK Finding her Lost Soul

Gracie discovers the greatest gift of all... LOVE.

It's 1925, and Gracie is the eldest daughter of a large family who shoulders much responsibility.
With this load she carries, she feels forgotten as a person and bears resentment.
She can't wait for her eighteenth birthday to arrive as she plans to run away from her family on that day.
The young Pastor of her church recognizes her heart's feelings. Wisely he communicates with her while keeping her confidence and becoming her friend. Pastor Ethan has come through much loneliness and confusion in his life. Then rescued by a Christian family and given the love of Jesus, he finds God's gift to him and uses it to bring others to salvation.
Gracie leaves her home early one morning on her long walk to Nashville with the dream of becoming a country music star. She has many experiences during this time.
She meets an older man who brings to light and mind the sacrifices of her family.
Then a kindly woman, met in a local store, invites her home to show Gracie more of her family's devotion.
After both of these gracious people disappear, Gracie realizes that they were 

GOD takes her on a VISIT to HEAVEN and reveals to her HIS GLORY.

Lastly, she becomes the kidnapping victim
 and is locked in a graveyard vault at night
Calling out to the Lord, Will she be kept warm inside the cold tomb? And will she be found before it's too late?
Will she have found Christ and her lost soul?

What happens to this young woman?

Thursday, December 1, 2022



Can you believe this.. 

PINTEREST run Ads, and they seemed to be very good. 

So, I placed an advertisement on Pinterest. 

I was asked how many days I wanted the Ad to run... 

I nominated four days at $5 per day.

(When I looked in later........                                                                 someone had clicked CONTINUOUS?)

 I received a bill from Pinterest today for $80.

It should have been for $20 only.  


The Ad is so difficult to comprehend that I could not stop it. 

So I have deleted my account. 

I wonder how many other people have had this occur?? 

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Inspirational Christian Fiction to Touch the Readers Heart.

DISCOUNTED TO ONLY ..... 99Cents. 


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Christmas is coming, and what better time 

to give a meaningful gift of a book.

I write my stories to inspire and encourage readers to a better future.

Also, I have reduced all the KINDLE books to only .99cents USD 
and they can be gifted through the receiver's email.

All the Paperbacks have also been reduced to help lessen the gift load.

Friday, October 14, 2022

No Condemnation in Christ Jesus.


Have you ever done something that you knew you MUST do, but is not totally honest.

I pondered over something that could have caused a lot of anxiety and stress to myself and to others.

What would I do? 

Really, as a Christian in the beginning I should have prayed, and I have known in time that God would have worked it out. 

In fear, I took it into my own hands and then needed to remain quiet.

Looking back, no one has been hurt. No one has suffered, yet I still wish I had left it in God's hands. 

The lesson learned.. Pray, leave it with God, and in His time, it will all work out. 

I have admitted my sin to another Christian and I have asked God's forgiveness for butting in. 

Now, I must forgive myself and thats the hardest part. 


 Be kind, loving, and forgiving to all as Jesus was. 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

A Christian Womans Abuse.


It takes only a moment to say you love someone. 

But a lifetime of regret when they break your heart. 

A young woman's TRUE story of confusing love and betrayal in marriage. 

Be warned. This story is hard and hurtful. 

The Kindle Book price is set at only 99 CENTS for many to read.

The free App can be downloaded from the Amazon page of sale.