Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Book of the Day

Many Thanks to Heather. I received BOOK of the DAY from her for my story "Discovering Treasure."
What a pleasant surprise. I did enter the book but had forgotten. God is so good.

Heather Phillips - HEATHER'S HEAVEN

Thank you Heather -

God Bless You.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


An In-depth Review personally sent to me from a Reader.


Winner of Award.

This was a refreshing light holiday read for me. My interest was centred on the two delightful young women who bond and spiritually grow together, whilst contributing to a community they adopt as their extended family.
There are no nasty dramatic highs or lows - just enough promises of intrigue and wholesome romantic attachments to peak the interest along the way and which unrolled into satisfactory outcomes.
There was a balance of men and women characters. Each were plausible individuals and endearing without being soppy nor unreal. Their life journeys gave the reader a clear idea of what godly character can be; what  spiritual growth can achieve.
A Christian reader could possibly relate to at least one of the common spiritual experiences presented authentically, such as when a character was seeking direction from God, had the desire for water baptism, or to commit to the use of a particular God-given gift.
The gospel message was clearly presented and was a credit to the author's ingenuity in how she wove it through the story's thread without giving the reader the impression of being "preached at".
The usual plot development of drama was not apparent.
Instead there was a pleasant ongoing sharing of everyday activities in various settings and contexts, romance without melodrama, and no involvement of villains.
It would probably be a safe recommendation for teenage girls or young at heart women seeking a holiday from the real dramas of this world.

Monday, April 3, 2017


It can be difficult to think of an answer when interviewed.

I discovered I only answered half of my first question.


                                                         In The Mind of a Romance Author.

                                           DREAMS OF INSPIRATION AND HAPPINESS

Thursday, March 23, 2017


You will have to click on the LINK to be TRANSPORTED............. ?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


It makes all the hard work that goes into writing finally feel like I have been rewarded.

This is what ALLAUTHOR wrote on their page.
  1. It is with open arms and a skip in our step that the AllAuthor team welcomes Australian author  Crystal Mary Lindsey   into our pro-author community. She's got a knack for romance that nobody can deny, which could be because she's married to an ex U.S. Marine. Her past professional medical history and her time in Bible College has truly given her the ability to inspire with her stories. Besides being a writer, she's also a loving mother and grandmother, and we are so glad to be working with a ray of light like you, Crystal!
  2. Take a look at her profile and books using the link below:-
          AllAuthor Link

                                                                   To God Be The Glory

                                                               Editors Choice Award

Friday, March 17, 2017


I often wonder about people, where they live and what they do.
So for anyone curious about me, here is some information.

My home is in the sub-tropics of Queensland, Australia, surrounded by pineapple, mango, avocado and sugar cane plantations.
Plant life thrives, as you can see by my front garden.

Our home is known as a Queenslander. These houses are built especially for the extreme hot weather conditions. Elevated up on concrete stilts with a timber slated fence all around the bottom area, it allows air to circulate for cooling. The total underneath area is the same size as the house and used as a garage and workshop by my husband Ray.

As an animal lover I usually add them to my stories. We have three little ones who we treasure.
The three mut-keteers as we call them, Monty, Mille, and Marley enjoy the company of each other and their doggie life.

Monty can barely be seen on the far right.

We have a variety of wild animals and birds in close proximity.


Rainbow Lorakeet.

And many more parrot varieties.

A Kangaroo visiting the local school.

I do not live in the Outback, but I write about it because my husband and I toured there extensively and I developed a deep love for its unique terrain. We live close enough to the be able to visit often.

Herds of wild camels, kangaroos, emu's and goats roam.

Ray and I watching out for the magpie swooper's.
The pole sign behind us gives a warning.

My past is that of an R.N. working in a very busy E.R.

Read my books - enjoy -  and leave a review of what you think.