Friday, May 20, 2022

Healthy is Happy


Healthy me and healthy you..

Mental and physical health go hand in hand and everything depends on the foods we eat plus our state of mind. 

I am perplexed about people who do not believe in our creator God?  The human body is so complex and unique, how can anyone possibly not? 


There is no way that I can give you a vast amount of knowledge in a small article.. Thats why medical books are super large in volume and the quanities written to depict the numberous subjects on the brain, heart, renal etc, are endless. 

Here I will touch briefly on the negus nerve. 

This nerve is the longest craniel (skull/head) nerve and runs its messages from the brain to the digestive system. 

Its sensory information then controls how the body performs and fuctions. 

Please don't look at this and imagine all sorts of things about yourself.. 
It is simply to give you some understanding.
Anything about yourself that you are unsure of, go and see a professional, doctor, naturapath or such.
I also believe is healing prayer. 

Some of the symptoms shown below are simply caused by dehydration. The human body is made up of between 55% to 70% water. So we need to consume full glasses of water daily to sustain this. Coffee, tea and beverages based on caffeine are diuretics, which means they strip fluids OUT of the body. For this reason, they dehydrate the body... so plain water is very important to keep body fluids well balanced.  

Eating good food is the key to good health. 

NOT eating all take-away, deep fried, and over cooked food that is also unknown in freshness, or cleanliness of origin. 

In this next diagram it is seen how the brain regulates every area of the body.

The human body a marvelous complex creation... 

Breathing well, drinking water and eating more LIVE/Raw fruits and vegetables.

Good proteins that are not over cooked. Limited fried and sugary foods.

Also CANOLA OIL is Bad. While most of the others are good. 

Check food labels. You may not be able to keep away from all of them.,can%20raise%20your%20bad%20cholesterol%20%28LDL%29...%20More%20

Check for Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)   

LAUGH OFTEN its GREAT medicine.. 


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

AUSTRALIA the Land Down Under... It is a MYSTERY to the Rest of the World.


An Island...  A Country  and a Continent ... UNIQUE. 

And the same land size as the United States of America.. Yet unknown to many. 

Interesting set of observations from a visitor from the other side of the Pacific. ‘Value what you have and don't give it away.' There's a lot to admire about Australia, especially if you're a visiting American, says David Mason. More often than you might expect, Australian friends patiently listening to me enthuse about their country have said, ''We need outsiders like you to remind us what we have.'' So here it is - a small presumptuous list of what one foreigner admires in Oz.
1. Health care. I know the controversies, but basic national healthcare is a gift. In America, medical expenses are a leading cause of bankruptcy. The drug companies dominate politics and advertising.
Obama was crucified for taking halting baby steps towards sanity. You can't turn on the telly without hours of drug advertisements - something I have never yet seen here. And your emphasis on prevention - making cigarettes less accessible, for one - is a model.
2. Food. Yes, we have great food in America too, especially in the big cities. But your bread is less sweet, your lamb is cheaper, and your supermarket vegetables and fruits are fresher than ours.
Too often in my country an apple is a ball of pulp as big as your face.
The dainty Pink Lady apples of Oz are the juiciest I've had. And don't get me started on coffee.
In American small towns it tastes like water flavoured with burnt dirt, but the smallest shop in the smallest town in Oz can make a first-rate latte.
I love your ubiquitous bakeries, your hot-cross buns. Shall I go on?
3. Language. How do you do it?
The rhyming slang and Aboriginal place names like magic spells.
Words that seem vaguely English yet also resemble an argot from another planet.
I love the way institutional names get turned into diminutives - Vinnie's and Salvos - and absolutely nothing is sacred.
Everything's an opportunity for word games and everyone's a nickname.
Lingo makes the world go round.
It's the spontaneous wit of the people that tickles me most.
Late one night at a barbie my new mate Suds remarked, ''Nothing's the same since 24-7.'' Amen.
4. Free-to-air TV. In Oz, you buy a TV, plug it in and watch some of the best programming I have ever seen - uncensored.
In America, you can't get diddly-squat without paying a cable or satellite company heavy fees.
In Oz a few channels make it hard to choose.
In America, you've got 400 channels and nothing to watch.
5. Small shops. Outside the big cities in America corporations have nearly erased them.
Identical malls with identical restaurants serving inferior food.
Except for geography, it's hard to tell one American town from another.
The ''take-away'' culture here is wonderful.
Human encounters are real - stirring happens, stories get told.
The curries are to die for. And you don't have to tip!
6. Free camping. We used to have this too, and I guess it's still free when you backpack miles away from the roads.
But I love the fact that in Oz everyone owns the shore and in many places you can pull up a camper van and stare at the sea for weeks.
I love the ''primitive'' and independent campgrounds, the life outdoors.
The few idiots who leave their stubbies and rubbish behind in these pristine places ought to be transported in chains.
7. Religion. In America, it's everywhere - especially where it's not supposed to be, like politics.
I imagine you have your Pharisees too, making a big public show of devotion, but I have yet to meet one here.
8. Roads. Peak hour aside, I've found travel on your roads pure heaven.
My country's ''freeways'' are crowded, crumbling, insanely knotted with looping overpasses - it's like racing homicidal maniacs on fraying spaghetti.
I've taken the Hume without stress, and I love the Princes Highway when it's two lanes.
Ninety minutes south of Bateman's Bay I was sorry to see one billboard for a McDonald's. It's blocking a lovely paddock view. Someone should remove it.
9. Real multiculturalism. I know there are tensions, just like anywhere else, but I love the distinctiveness of your communities and the way you publicly acknowledge the Aboriginal past.
Recently, too, I spent quality time with Melbourne Greeks, and was gratified both by their devotion to their own great language and culture and their openness to an Afghan lunch.
10. Fewer guns. You had Port Arthur in 1996 and got real in response. America replicates such massacres several times a year and nothing changes.
Our religion of individual rights makes the good of the community an impossible dream.
Instead of mateship we have ''It's mine and nobody else's'.
We talk a great game about freedom, but too often live in fear.
There's more to say - your kaleidoscopic birds, your perfumed bush in springtime, your vast beaches.
These are just a few blessings that make Australia a rarity.
Of course, it's not paradise - nowhere is - but I love it here.
No need to wave flags like Americans and add to the world's windiness.
Just value what you have and don't give it away.
David Mason is a US writer and professor, and poet laureate of Colorado.

Friday, May 13, 2022

My Talented Christian Grandson


The most special blessing to me, as a mother and a grandmother is to know that my children and grandchildren are covered and sanctified in the BLOOD of Jesus.

My heart rejoices in this knowledge. 

My grandson Joel, is such a very special young man. At twenty nine years old, Joel is Spirit filled and loves the Lord.

Please watch and comment on this Youtube video. 

Joels spirit and soul seeks to revere Christ with thanksgiving for our many blessings. 


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Bernie Gray - REMEMBER this NAME - A Praiseworthy Disciple

 There are many famous people and MORE still, who should be known for their outstanding contributions to the Lords work, ... yet never are. 

One such unique human was Australian,  Bernie Gray.  

Bernie was a humble modest man who devoted his life to being a disciple of Jesus, through the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International here in Australia and in other parts of the world. 

Bernie served Christ and his fellow man through the Brisbane Chapter from

1964 to 2015...  MANY YEARS.. 

Bernie and his wife Nell, faithfully stood together in Christ as soul mates and united to bring the unsaved into awareness of our Jesus who loves them. 

His story honestly took my breath away in the awareness of such unrelentless devotion. 

This special couple celebrated 60 years of marriage on the 31st December 2015.

 Not long after that date. Bernie departed for Glory and met his Savour. 

I have had the enormous privilege of reading some of Bernie's journey of witness. 

Bernie met and interacted with a variety of famous evangalists worldwide. 

Among these were: 

Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International founder:

Demos Shakarian

Esther King of The Platters

Kathryn Kuhlman

Kenneth Hagin snr

Evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke (Africa)

Evangalist, Barry Smith (New Zealand)

David Mainse, Canada Television, 

Sir Lew Edwards Canada

Sir Lionel Luckhoo (Barbados Central America) Knighted twice by Queen Elizabeth 11

Evangalist, Bill Subritzky (New Zealand)

Ron Oastler (IBM Sydney)

Caesar Wellington (Malaysia)

Queensland Premier, Mike Ahern

Channel 7 Brisbane and Channel 9  Australia

His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. Matthew 25:23 

Many thanks to Mrs Nell Gray for sharing her husbands story with me. 

I now treasure having met this lovely Christian lady and getting to know her as a friend and sister-in-Christ.  Praise The Lord. 


Saturday, April 30, 2022

AUSTRALIA What Do You Know??

 I am Australian.

Second generation on my fathers side... He was from England. 

Third generation on my mothers side.. Great grands were from Wales and France. 

For all you readers, look and listen to this English couple who migrated here to Australia..(Oz).

They may surprise you. 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Build up Your Immunity, Nervous System and Libido.

 Ahhh ha, I bet you are wondering what this MIRACLE is that I am going to share with you.. 


Do you want to increase your immunity against the following.. 


Would you like to increased your Libido. 


Improve those LOW MOOD SWINGS  or even lift DEPRESSION? 

Strengthen your EYE VISION, sense of TASTE or SMELL...  etc.


My Credentials... R.N. BN (AUS) BSN (USA) MHN PHTLS.