Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday "We are Australian"

Little is known overseas about my country Australia. While living in Tennessee I had the priviledge of being asked to speak twice about where I originated at Rogersville City School. I was asked, How long I had spoken English, and if we had church's in Australia and, what were they? Were they Christian?

My own husband told everyone prior coming to Australia that we were very backward. Yet since his first visit he wanted to return and live here. Why? he enjoyed the friendships, the casual lifestyle and the climate. But I have to add, he does miss cornbread, the different bacon and chili beans.

Me, I miss my church friends from Crossroads Church, with the wonderful sermons and the singing. I especially miss my best friend and fellow nurse, Nancy. I miss my mates, the other nurses and staff at Amedisys Home Health and my nursing partner Phyllis, who could out laugh me.

Don't talk about the food, I MISS IT ALL... I miss "Fatz" and "Cheddars"... and the wonderful Blizzards at "Dairy Queen!" Where's the next plane back!!

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