Sunday, July 26, 2009

SUNDAY "Contemplating Life"

As I age and look back on my life I can now see with the mature eyes of wisdom. The life of a child revolves around play, friends, family and comfort. Whether they get it adequately enough or not is another matter. However, God says, "to train a child up the way he's to go and he'll stay with it all of his life." I don't remember many beatings from my mother as a child. But the ones I did get were meaningful and painful, she got her message across. My father left my mother with five children when I was eight. Without discipline I realise now, that I would have been a more precarious child. I was timid and shy, and relied on my mothers wisdom in everything, that is, until I met HIM. The first time my eyes saw that handsome boy I was lost. It was love at first sight. I loved him from the age of eleven evolving over 35 years. Then, the rose coloured glasses I had worn through thick and thin were taken away and I finally saw the real person. Yes, love is blind and as my eldest daughter spoke to me in concern about her daughter yesterday. She stated that with love? we are sometimes on a road to self destruction. Many times instead of falling in love with the person who is loving and kind to us, we fall for the one who mistreats and causes much sorrow. So what is the remedy? Aha! now we get down to obedience. Before I married Raymond, my now husband of almost 5 years, I never wanted to marry again. I had come from my Christian prespective to a worldly one of, have a man in your life but, no more ties. My mother was pained. Why was her daughter acting in this distort manner. Well, it was to cover the pain and disillusionment that had festered sour dough. Yet, God in His goodness mourning into dancing and my sorrow into joy. I met Raymond a man who had been alone for 28years. We were very alike in many ways accept two. I am tidy, he is not. I love to learn, study and research and he works with his hands. BUT, together we balance like a pair of old fashioned scales. One helps the deficiencies of the other. So where does the obedience come in? I believe with all my heart that God chose my new husband. So the message is. There is a partner in life for everyone. What is needed is the choice. My Will or God's WILL?
A partner in life can be the richest blessing, IF, we pray, thy Will be done.... in the choice of selection.


  1. i came across your blog thru an email and i am finding your writings about GOD and your life very insprinational to is nice to know that there are people out there that are still not ashamed of our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST...
    Sharon Jones

  2. Thank you so much Sharon. God is great and mighty to be praised!
    Read Genesis Chap 8 "And God remembered Sharon." He never forgets you, you are special!
    Blessings Crystal


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