Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday "Words or Works of Love"

We all like to hear the words,"I love you." They mean so much..... However, to hear these words and not experience any actions can be confusing. To sit by oneself watching television alone, retiring to bed alone, to talk to someone and not get answered, is surely not, an act of love.
Contemplating this I wondered how many times we say we love God, or tell Him in prayer that we love him, without showing him that love. So how do we show Him that we love him?
Jesus said that "when we do anything for others, we do it for Him." So should we get upset with someone because they don't show us the love they proclaim? Should we stop doing kindnesses to them because they ignore us? I believe that when we overlook our hurt and act, in love, then whatever we do, we do for our Father in Heaven. He says, "I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, I was hungry and you fed me." So instead of just telling God we love Him, we need to see past ourselves and give Him that love in our actions. This is what is meant by, taking up our cross daily to follow Him. It is easy to give to others when they give to us. It is difficult to see past our own hurt pride and humbly serve.

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