Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Magical Moments

What can I say, there are so many magical moments. Moments that drive you crazy at the time and provide a good laugh later. Have just spent time caring for two of my grandchildren on the weekend. So the tittle tattling began, usually from Shiarn.... girls are so much better at dobbing in the boy's aren't they!
"Nanni, Ely is on the roof,"....."Elyshah, get off there at once before you fall!"
"Nanni, Ely is up the Mango tree and mum will get mad 'cause it makes him itchy." 
Again!...Elyshah, get out of that tree. The possum isn't there, he's hiding...and be careful when you get down because Papaw saw a snake near the back fence...Please come inside. And so it continued. Oh, its exhausting and I don't remember how I ever handled four of my own. Yet I had them all bluffed thinking I could see through walls and around corners.
My daughter Daniella is one step ahead of hers now and their antics always give me a hoot to watch. Once a state runner she can still out run her taller seventeen year old son. And look out when she catches him, it's better watching than Telly. Chooks fly out of their way as they run all over the paddock and the other kids stand on the sidelines, yelling them on.  My heart goes out to her yet I remember years ago when she could outrun me. No...I didn't give chase, she'd take off and I waited for her to come home. Then I'd hold and pray over her which seemed to upset more than a good whollop. She was my wild child. Once totally exasperated, I expressed the wish that she had a child just like herself one day. Well, she reminded me not long ago that she has, only her's number four! LOL

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  1. Love this. The dangers here for my grandchildren a a bit diferent, but the antics are the same.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings from Bonnie.


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