Friday, November 6, 2009

AnyOne for Chicken Soup

The first time I was introduced to a Chicken Soup book was in a Mental Health Unit where I worked. A young Japanese girl approached me and asked if I had read it? "No," I answered, thinking what a strange name. You immediately conger up thoughts of a book on cooking, at least I did. "You have to read it Crystal, It's a wonderful book, what I enjoy about it is the fact the stories are short. I can't read anything lengthy so it suits me." She lent me the book and soon I was hooked. So today I suppose I am writing my own chicken soup for the soul.
How much we learn from time and wonderful people who cross our paths! I returned to nursing in 1994 after a marriage breakdown. Rather it was my younger daughter who encouraged me to go back as in my confusion and distress I didn't know where to turn. I had come from a medical family yet everyone was far more clever than I. My older sister passed her finals coming first in her year and third in the state of New South Wales. That an achievement! 
A natural dreamer with my head in the clouds or books, I wanted to be a ballet dancer dressed in beautiful costumes floating across a stage. Or a singer or maybe a hairdresser. 
My mother said No! are going nursing. To get me away from a persistant boyfriend of another culture I was placed in a huge Sydney Hospital to train and live in the nurses quarters. What does a shy country girl do? Well, she does what she's told as best she can and I actually learned to like it. 
What I didn't like were the daggy uniforms which have since become history. I refused to have a photo taken in mine for which I am sorry about today. But I picked up learning very quickly and loved all the off duty adventures soon learned from the other nurses. We had to be inside by ten at night and I never broke this rule, I was too frightened to, but many did. I didn't go out with boys either, they frightened me also. My training stood me in good steed and like previously written, I returned back, blue book in hand in 1994. Later I completed University and gained a couple of Degree's., but that's another story. 
Now residing in Queensland a lovely lady at church approached me one day with a book she had purchased for me,....."For me?" I questioned.... I hardly knew her!
The book.....Chicken Soup for the Nurses Soul...

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