Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When the Kookaburra Laughs

When the kookaburra laughs at early dawn , you know your still alive and breathing. The joyful cackle echoes across the miles sharing the pleasure of perhaps a hearty breakfast. Hopefully....you think, another snake has hit the dust or should I say a hungry tummy.
After one heart attack and then a second, life is no longer taken for granted. It's amazing that even though you have practical knowledge concerning life threatening symptoms, when your the person concerned the inevitable goes unrecognised.
My first attack happened while driving to visit a patient. "Gosh this bra's tight I must have been crazy to fasten it like this, this morning?" I could hardly breath and pulled off the road into a Road House car park thankful it was handy. Opening my car door I sat up high in my seat breathing and savoring, the sweet fresh air. "Relax," my mind instructed while waves of blackness passing over. There was no fear, I've been ready to 'Go Home' for years.
The feelings passed and after a drink of cool water... and feeling better,  I continued on to see my waiting patient. About a month later packing to move back to Oz it happened again, only differently. This time there was no tightening, just  the near syncope episode of slow darkness. Gripping the kitchen bench I leaned over it hanging on to keep from falling. This too passed only to be repeated again and again until finally I knew help was needed. Laying in the emergency van attached to a monitor I watched the heart pattern graph reading, I was in A.F.
After spending two days in hospital and going through numerous tests I was placed on medication twice daily and sent home. A month later,  back in Oz I visit my doctor telling her of my experience. ...asking for an E.C.G. and the news is, I am still in A.F. and she is concerned.
To tell the truth I'm more disturbed about my knee's. After a fall in Fiji airport it feels like I have smashed both patella's and the pain is excruciating. I can hardly walk. At church one Sunday the children wander around all those seeking prayer for healing. "I'll be in that,"  I've witnessed many healings over the years so why not now?  Isaac, an eleven year old stands quietly behind gently touching my back and prays.  Nothing happen's. Then about a week later I realise there's no more pain and I am able to walk for longer periods....and I Praise God!
Nothings taken for granted. The simple pleasures of life like that of a pair of kookaburra's waking me from slumber at four in the morning... now brings pleasure and stimulates a smile.

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