Saturday, January 23, 2010

Journey of Discovery

Travelling along country highways, 'almost outback'...
There is time to contemplate. My trip me took almost 3 days, so I stopped to take photos along the way and think about those who had passed before me. Now I wish to share some of this with you... MY FRIENDS.

Take care NOT to run over a koala as they are becoming extinct.  On my way back home I did see one little fur ball who didn't make it across the road in time.

This church has become the office of a Counsellor. One must wonder how it could be changed from a place of Worship. I can visualise people being married in here. Babies being dedicated to the Lord and loyal servants being remembered in funeral prayers.
"What a friend we have in Jesus, all our griefs on earth to bear! What a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer... Written in the 1800's when this church was birthed. URALLA (near Tamworth) N.S.W.

Uralla,  the town that owns this church.

A Grand Old House from bygone years. Stannum House, Tenterfield,  built in 1888. What a legacy of memories this house holds.

The Tidy Town winner of 2009. Well Done!   Note the speed limit in Murrurundi is 40klm (24 miles)..
Saint John's Anglican Church Camden, NSW is one of those old church's which have grave stones in hearing of the parishioners. Consecrated 1849 it sits atop a hill where its spire dominates the surrounding landscape for miles.

Inside St John's Church displaying the Pipe Organ built and sent from England.

Arrived at my mothers home on the Southern Tablelands of N.S.W.

My mother Emilee, pictured on the left,  with her dear friends Mary and Ivan.

Like all mothers,  mine holds this photo of her family dear to her heart. 
From left to right: My sister Janiece, brother Denny, Mum holding brother Ralph, me (4) plus (?) 
My mothers favourite hymn is: "There is a Green Hill Faraway."


  1. St. John's reminds me of some great old Episcopal Churches I've know in the States. Just walking inside transports you to the 16th century. And, speaking of transforming them, we have one nearby that I should photograph -- I've never seen the interior, but it's been turned into a duplex. From the outside, there's no doubt what it once was. Kind of like being a human churchmouse, I would think. :-)

  2. Oh dear, so sad...I don't know how Gods house can be turned around. I would love to see that photo of the Episcopal church. I always feel such peace inside a church. Bless you :-)

  3. Love your pictures. Oh, how I'd love to come visit your country one day.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi Bonnie, I hope you do also....just take the plunge thats what I did when I went to the U.S.


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