Saturday, March 6, 2010


In the valley's back of beyond where I live there are mailbox's to delight the Postie's ride. Awaiting a letter with anticipation from a loved one is fast becoming a memory. We are a faster world with emails replacing and making the other, obsolete. As a country girl I grew up having to walk over a mile to the local postoffice to collect the post. What a joy to find a personal handwritten letter. They were kept, treasured and re-read. I had two Penpals, one in Japan named Hiroko and one in Texas named Mary. I still possess those letters... written so long ago.
And stamp collecting. We'd moon over the pages of beautiful designs from distant lands. Swapping and bargaining for the one sort-after was a thrill. Will that all soon become just a recollection from the past? ....probably! 
So start keeping letters and you'll have a piece of history to pass on, when they are only a vague memory.
All photo's are original .....enjoy.

Queensland Australia

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