Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My granddaughter Shiarn was experiencing fear. After fracturing her main lower leg bone (Tibia) a week ago she now needed a new evaluation by the Orthopaedic Specialist (Othopod) Her mummy was at Uni so Nanna (myself) went with her. Shiarn is just eight years old. Her pain in conjunction with her fear of the unknow now terrified her. Laying on the examination table in the plaster room she was about to have her primary caste removed and a new ligher fibreglass caste attached. The nurse commenced to cut through the sides of the plaster with a saw. Shiarn screamed and cried even after having the whole proceedure explained.....fear claimed her heart, and nothing could calm. Terror took hold with the grinding sound of the saw as she visulised it tearing through her flesh and destroying her leg.
Fear causes us to tense, it increases our heart rate and if severe, brings on Hyperventilation or the adrenal Fight Flight Response. Thankfully this didn't occur. Education, simply being told what will happen and having the reassurance of being in capable hands does much to preventing an extreme alarm.

The two nurses in attendance were marvellous...Praise God for dedication.

In Isaiah 43:1 we are reminded, " Fear not for I am with you. I have redeemed you and called you by name. You are mine.....
Today, a much happier little girl now supports a lighter caste.....And she knows, "She can do all things through Christ who strengthens her." Phillipians 4:13        Because, it is a promise from the one who loves her the most..

  The old and the new.


  1. Feel free to tell her I was a grown man who had a severely sprained left ankle and had to wear a case. When it was time to remove it, as he sawed through the cast, I could imagine him getting too close to the skin, just like her. Sometimes it's helpful to know even adults get a little scared at times like that. :-)

  2. Hi Bill, Yes thats true. Thank you for sharing. As an adult you would have been expected to fend more for yourself also. I broke my arm last year. The Orthpod gave me a choice....full or back slab....It was terribly painful.
    I was trained to apply a P.O.P. years ago. We took turnes applying, wearing and cutting off each other. It was the best example, accept no pain was experienced.
    I will tell Shiarn about you. She is an intellegent little girl and will take it in very seriously.

    She has just told me she is glad you are all better now and be careful...
    I told her you are a True Blue Bear and will be.


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