Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Book 'Roo......and Surprises of the Mind.

Yes! I’m certainly a book ‘Roo, hopping from room to room seldom without one within range.

The day cannot be spent totally on reading books, there's so much else to do. However, the books to be read beckon and call out from the pages, every time I walk past.   My dreamy mind envisualize’s the next page and all the wonderful new information it may contain. Can’t I abscond from the present for just a moment and retreat to the land of rapture and learning?

It’s intriguing!!

For instance! Have you ever heard the word ‘Somatization?’ Well, it’s a very sad state of existence, when a person truly believes with all sincerity they have some major illness. Symptoms present continually to the sufferer, so surely there is a problem? After repeated doctor’s visits and numerous test’s nothing is found. To the professional eye they certainly look well. And believe me…. there are many ways to sight a physical illness, without a word expressed.
One must also remember of course, we can actually become ill if we believe it with enough intensity.

My newest acquisition is a thoroughly perceptive book written by a friend named Bill Conway. You meet many wonderful people through these Blog’s. Bill is one who I met here, he goes by the name of Beggar….So take the time to click on his name and read his posts, he will delight you.
Bill is a sensitive Christian author and an academic with a brilliant mind. His book featured below is written in conjunction with two other doctors. It leads you on a journey of discovery into the relationship between the unconscious mind and many physical traits of illness.
It’s a great book that may be used as a reference for doctors, psychologists or just the average person who desires to understand more…..



  1. Hello Crystal Mary,

    I didn't realise you were a book enthusiast. Thank you for visiting my Blog and commenting there. I look forward to hearing what you think of my book.

    I agree with you that "we can actually become ill if we believe it with enough intensity." I knew someone who was such a hypochondriac that when he died they buried him next to a doctor!

    Best wishes Crystal Mary. God bless.

  2. Thats so funny! LOL.......I am a great laugher and roared with mirth!
    I bet Bill will enjoy this joke also.
    Yes, I love books, very much so, and yours is on its way through the post. I am looking forward to it and perhaps will do a book review through Amazon for it as well as here.
    We are all in the family of God so should uphold and encourage each other.
    God bless You also Victor.

  3. Hey thank you, Crystal Mary. You're very kind.

    God bless.

  4. I love reading too, but lately I've only been reading school books. (guess that counts;)

    Love your new profile picture! So cute!!


  5. Crystal Mary, I am identifying with you in your pursuit of knowledge and education and your love for reading and writing. I've gone as far as I can go education wise, except to go back and pick up a master's in divinity, which I haven't discounted. I am compelled at this time in my life to write, so I have 2 books in the works and am working on a children's book with a friend. My greatest priority is to know Him and conform to His image. I'm planning to visit your blog often. We have much in common. God bless.

  6. Hello...Yes I believe we do have much in common. We both care about others. God bless you also.

  7. Thank you, Crystal, for saying so many kind things about our book! The senior author, Dr. Lynn Smith, was always fond of telling about the humorous grave stone (apparently a true story, by the way) that reads, "See? I told you I was sick!"

  8. Oh that's so funny also..
    I've got one too but I'll keep it to share in a Blog when I feel led.


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