Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

The day birthed overcaste and quiet. Work is kept to a mininal and Australia observes a public holiday. Actually Easter lasts four this is a Christian country.
We are the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.
Named as such by a Spanish explorer in 1606.
Hillsong wrote a song to proclaim this fact.
Tradition also speaks in the eating of seafood only.

My thoughts are with the one who died for my sins, Jesus Christ.
I remember his lonely painful walk and cruel death...for me!
I realise the terror over the land at the time of His death, as all turned dark.
Can you imagine, the earthquake...and graves opening... with the dead in Christ walking forth.
And the great curtain in the temple, tearing in half!   WOW! HOW AWESOME!

I believe if I were one of the women who went to the tomb that Sunday morn and discovered the stone rolled away and Jesus gone, I think my heart would have almost stopped!
We can read of this without the total realization of the depth and trepidation!

Stop for a moment!
Think of your heartbeat! Can you feel a pulsating in you neck?
You are alive, and you have a promise of eternal life!
IF, you believe in Him.
Because, He loved you enough, to make the ultermate Sacrifice!
Do you appreciate Him?

Thankyou Jesus.
My daughter Daniella prior her
baptism......In Him.


  1. Wow, this was very moving. I've tried to think the same thing of what it must of felt like seeing the stone rolled away. Oh my! Praise the Lord!

    Have a blessed Easter.

  2. What a time...I don't think I for one fully realise it. Happy Easter and God Bless you.


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