Thursday, May 20, 2010

Devils Marbles (Karlu Karlu)


Known by the Aboriginals as Karlu Karlu, these granite boulders are an impressive sight.
Located in outback Australia driving from Tennant Creek to Alice Springs they are scattered across a wide shallow valley. 
They balance precariously on the top of one another in seemingless disarrangement.
My husband Ray appears to hold them up between him (don't be fooled)....LOL
It's difficult to see, but he's wearing a veiled hat to keep the annoying bush flies at bay.

Caravans park overnight for tourists to capture the landscapes at sunrise and sunset.


The environment at Devils Marbles provides shelter to a diverse range of wild life. 
The boulders are a secure breeding ground for the Fairy Martins and Zebra finches as well as many breeds of lizards. 
Here's two cheeky little fellows.
Psalms 84:1 "How lovely is they dwelling place.
Oh Lord of Heavens Armies."


  1. Wow! "Impressive" doesn't quite say it! I'd love to be able to visit Australia some day--but I don't think I'd like to meet one of those lizards! Australia is one of the places on my very long wish list--one can always dream!

  2. What interesting and beautiful pictures!


  3. Thank you Sr Ann Marie and Sandie, Bless you both. Hugs

  4. What an impressive photos. Thank you for posting this pictures. I've never seen these colors, such rocks.

    My cousin in Australia, the son of my uncle and aunt, is married to an Aboriginal woman. Yes, I have family in your country. My uncle and aunt, their six children and their (gender ?)and their grandchildren

    Greetings/groetjes : Aritha


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