Friday, May 21, 2010


Aged 4
A very shy country child, I attended a two teacher, twenty pupil school.
The building was a sturdy timber highset, built in the late 1800 era.

My mother did very well as a single parent, working to making sure all of her 5 children completed their schooling. This was no mean feat on a ‘woman’s’ wage.
I dreamed of being a dancer, although I knew it was an impossibility.
In High School I poured over Ballet books with a dreamy mind, and dotted on the likes of Dame Margot Fonteyn.... I was that lithe dancer on stage with the magic legs performing ‘Swan Lake’.

                                                         Aged 16
Passing the Intermediate Certificate in High school was all that was required in my time to attain a promising career. To be a doctor or lawyer meant 2 extra years and a pass in the Leaving Certificate. Since my chances as a dancer were extinct, my next choice was Hairdressing.
This was not to be either as my demurer nature simply did not suit.
So my mother decided I should follow the family tradition of Nursing.

                  Training at the 'Royal' (behind) aged 17                                               

Hospital Training was Nursing School and a Tutor Sister with Regimental Education.
A cap completely covered the hair. The uniform fell to mid calf length.
Stockings were worn and the back seams checked to be straight.
A petticoat underneath was a must (and Sister always checked).
Feet were clad in plain brown mid-heeled leather lace ups, well shone.
Discipline……. You had no opinion and NEVER answered back!
Eyes were kept down, and hands remained behind your back whenever spoken to by a superior.

It was a fitting choice and has stood me in good stead.
Years later I attended Uni and gained my Degrees.
My Primary Alma Mater is The Australian Catholic University.
Proverbs 3: 5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. And don’t rely on your own understanding.”


  1. good morning, my friend! i truly enjoyed reading through your post today, it giving me a deeper glimpse into who you are :) it's wonderful to see the hand of God molding you into His image whilst meeting your own needs and needs of those around you who would have need of a tender touch and a compassionate heart! i'm curious, did you continue to follow your interest of least, by going to see it live???
    thanks so much for this lovely peice of crystal mary history :)

  2. Hello Sheri, I really didn't want to talk of myself, yet I felt it was right. Often we look at others and read a certain prosperity about their life, yet this is not always so. Much of what I have axperienced I could not begin to speak of..Yet, but by the GRACE of God go I.
    No, I have never seen a ballet in person. Actually until I turned 49 I lived a very closed life. What I get I get, I don't worry about it, I just count my blessing. Thank you for your expression of friendship..God bless you heaps.

  3. It sure is different either because of the country difference or time difference. It sure was an amazing story. Glad you like being a nurse too!


  4. awesome post,
    your image reminds me of Hillary Clinton,
    I love her.
    Happy Friday!

  5. Funny how we all have those fantastic dreams when we are so young and rarely do they come to fruition (although some must, since there are the Fonteyns and the Lady Gagas).

    Those sisters sound like real sticklers!


  6. Hi Chatty, Nurses used to be Hospital Trained but as of about 1990 it became all University with practice in various hospital specialties. An R.N. is known as Sister, that is also my designation, Sister Lindsey. Slowly this is also becoming obsolte.Similar to the term doctor here. Many prefer to be known by their Christian name.

    Jingle, I have always admired Hilary..a strong lady who shoulders much and has a wonderful heart. Thank you

    Poetikat, Yes, The Sister (R.N.) especially the teachers were very strict. But that leads a good nurse to learn respect and discipline. Thank you for visiting. Please return.

  7. I love your photos, and the description of nursing school especially. How absolutely fascinating!

  8. A lovely post! I wonder if you read BALLET SHOES by Noel Streatmeyer? I had those same ballet dreams - briefly.

  9. You took an interesting road, a true vocation. I admire the way you celebrate life and living, and I imagine you are still a ballet dancer at heart.

  10. Hello Vicki, No I haven't read that book and will look it up on Amazon.So you also dreamed of ballet, of well, dreams are good also. Thank you.Hugs

    Hi Martin,Thank you for your nice words. I love dancing, but I've had a knee injury now and can only waltz. My hubby is not a dancer so don't get much chance..But your right, I do dance in my mind, such a joy.vBless you.

  11. We make some important decisions early in our lives, decisions that shape our future working life. But that course we take is always adjusted by a small amount here and a small amount there and, with luck, we finish up doing the things we can both give a lot to, and get a lot from. I am sure you were a gifted nurse and counseller and that your patients were more than glad that you never became a ballet dancer.

  12. Hello Crystal Mary! I thought I'd check out your blog, since you were nice enough to comment on mine. I like it; it's got a different slant and style than most. You may be Catholic and I may be Protestant, but anyone who loves the Lord is okay by me. God bless you.

  13. oh my goodness, what a lovely person you are! i read your response to my comment and i sensed there are some very sparse years behind you. with all of my heart i thank God that those days are BEHIND, transforming you into the beautiful woman that you are today! i totally understand your statement, "that without pain, there is truly, no gain," for i am that woman, too...

  14. Having come into contact with more than my fair share of nurses recently, I can only gasp at how times have changed. The interaction between nurses and doctors seems much more collegial.

  15. An interesting biographical note--we do have notions in our youth--oddly, mine (which had to do with poetry & music) ended up coming to fruition, tho not in the ways I would have guessed. Very enjoyable post--thanks for commenting on RFBanjo, too!

  16. Oh those ubiquitous ballerina dreams of girls in the 50s. I remember seeing a film of a very "mature" Margot Fonteyn dancing with Nureyev, who was much younger. Was that Swan Lake?

  17. So interesting to read about your life. I'm so glad you like nursing and you're not mourning your ballet career. You were such a cute little girl and a beautiful teen-ager and a very attractive "Hillary-look-alike" adult.

  18. It's interesting how reality can overtake dreams and the course of a life changes to include something we never imagined. I hope you enjoyed being a nurse.... Beautiful photographs.

  19. Dear friends,
    Allan, What kind words, His will is always best. God bless yooooooo.

    Gorges, Hallalujah brother.Good on you.

    Sheri, dearest sister, we are one in Him...He is our ROCK, praise His name.

    Hi Barry, So sorry for all your pain. In Australian especially, doctors and nurses, especially those working in close proximity like E.R. are good mates..Bless you.

    John, Very glad your dreams came to fruition, they were meant to be. Your gift can now be shared and enjoyed by many. Bless yooooo

    Meri, Yes, that was Swan Lake, oh, its so glorious and makes my heart swell just at the thought. Blessings sister.

    Barbara and Nancy, Thank you sweet ladies. I am blessed and I pass the blessing on to you. Hugs to both.

    Nancy, The name of my dearest friend, (she lives in TN) Some things are not to be. However, it's good to trust in the Lord and allow Him to lead the way.. He never fails. Bless you.


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