Monday, June 14, 2010


Fruit of the native Blushwood Bush.

Queensland life science company EcoBiotics announced that, following very promising results in treating inoperable tumours in horses and dogs, it was fast-tracking development of the company’s lead cancer drug, EBC-46, into HUMAN clinical trials.

EcoBiotics CEO, Dr Victoria Gordon said “This decision marks a very exciting time for our company. The results from using EBC-46 to treat a range of inoperable tumours in horses and dogs are just so compelling” she said “and this gives us a great deal of confidence that the drug will also work effectively and safely in humans”. EBC-46 is a novel small molecule isolated from a Queensland rainforest plant which works very rapidly by recruiting the patient’s own immune system to destroy the treated tumours. “You can almost see the tumours shrink before your eyes – it is absolutely amazing” said Gordon. “It also has the advantage that it is relatively easy to administer causing minimal trauma to the patient, and unlike most chemotherapy agents, EBC-46 is safe and to date we have seen no significant side effects”. EBC-46 works by activating the bodies own immune system. 
When infection attacks the body white blood cells multiply to fight and kill the micro-organisms. With cancer these cells become entrapped forming a toxic unit.
EBC-46 injected into a cancer mass breaks it down enabling the white blood cells to break free and fight, killing off the cancer in a natural body eliminating occurrence.

Praise God! He gives us the remedies.
All we need to do is discover them.

"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
  Praise Him all creatures here below
  Praise Him above. ye Heavenly Hosts
  Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen"



  1. Watch out for the politicians over there. Our "illustrious leaders" in this country are thinking about making it illegal to practice herbal medicine for "safety" reasons. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that so many politicians are heavily invested in pharmaceutical companies.

  2. Praise the Lord.

    Let us pray it brings us a step closer to a cure.

    God bless.

  3. Hi Gorges, Its a step in the right direction. Chemo is terrible, this is so much better.

    Hi Victor, Like you, I pray it gets a go...I saw the results on tumour's (2 dogs) and it shrunk them.The dogs became healthy and lived. A vetranarian in Melbourne is using it with great results. I pray it works the same for humans. Time will tell.
    The helicobacter Pylori (stomach ulcer)experiment was a great controversy, yet it worked out a sucess in the end.

  4. how encouraging - I have so many friends at the moment battling with cancer..

  5. Interesting. I always wonder how much undiscovered material is in our world that can aid in healing.

  6. crystal, this is amazing news you've shared! it only makes sense that the One who created it all would sustain us with what we needed to obtain/maintain good health!
    i see that you've changed the look of your sure helps those of us who must wear readers :) God bless you as you serve Him today, my friend!

  7. wow,
    what astounding discovery..
    loved your ideas and your openness to share.

  8. Hi Crystal Mary! Thank you for visiting my blog. About this exciting new possible cancer treatment - How fantastic! I agree, God has given us the medicines we need - many of them are in forests that are being destroyed. 'And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.' - Revelation 22:2.

  9. Judith, Cancer is so sad. I pray healing for them.

    Busy Single Mom, yes nothing is impossible with God.

    Sheri, God bless you also friend.

    Jingle, God is good.

    Curate Karen, What a wonderful scripture, and I believe it..

    God bless you all!!

  10. Mary, this sounds so good......I only wish more doctors would use these type of treatments. So much healthier, chemo is pure poison, I know as I have been there.
    Thank you for keeping us all informed and sharing with us. God Bless......:-) Hugs


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