Friday, June 11, 2010

Sepia Saturday Sisters

It's funny looking back on old photos.
In this one I am carrying a Kodak flash camera, which was quite the thing in those days.
My sister Jan had taken me on a trip to Melbourne, the State below where we lived in New South Wales. 
My other elder sister was completing her post graduate in midwifery in a hospital in that State.
It was Easter and the three of us we had a wonderful time exploring.
I loved and looked up to both of my big sisters.
Neither of them ever made me feel I was too young to be with them.
I was fourteen in these photos. 

Once you marry life changes, to leave these times as cherished memories.

"I will pour out my spirit on your descendants, and my blessings on your children."
Isaiah 44:3


  1. Aren't good memories a wonderful gift!

  2. Loved that picture. I only had one sister and we were more like twins, just 2 years apart. Lost her at age 32, life was never the same. Blessings

  3. I love b&w photos - there is something 'special' about them and your photo is indeed truly magical. Happy Memories sustain us through all circumstances of life.

  4. Love the photos!

    Life does change...sometimes it's as if I'm a different person altogether. (Which Is a good thing!) Probably more the hand of God than marriage though!

  5. Wonderful picture, I always loved the saying that chance made us sisters, hearts made us friends...........:-) Hugs

  6. Sometimes looking at old photos makes me so watery-eyed that I have to stop. Other times, they give me a smile and a lot of precious memories. This past year, I put most of my family photos (the earliest from 1861) on computer and flash drives so they wouldn't deteriorate further. By asking family to help me date and caption them, I learned an amazing amount of things about my family. I even like looking at other people's photos, including yours. Every life has a story to tell; it's a shame that we miss the most of them.

  7. Great photos! The first one looks as if you are overlooking a cliff on a windy day.

  8. i understand exactly what you are saying about married life changing things. i was in such a hurry to grow up that i never realized until much later that i was cutting short some of the best years of my life!
    thanks for sharing such lovely moments/memories with us, my dear friend :)

  9. Sr Ann Marie, Memories are indeed a gift.

    QueenMM, sisters are indeed, a blessing. Yours is encased as a memory in your heart, forever young.

    Judith, Yes our memories are a treasure.

    Michelle, Life does change, something meant to be.

    Bernie, Hugs to you also.

    Gorges, Yes life flashes past too fast. I am also saving mine to puter. They are worth more than gold to keep.

    Natasha, We were sitting on top of a weir. I still remeber the wind and cold that day.

    Sheri, I guess we all rush life by when we are young. Then we gat to the age of understanding and realise.


  10. So absolutely enjoyable photos!

    Happy weekend to you!

  11. Leena, Happy weekend to you also. Hug.

  12. There is nothing like a photograph to bring back memories. Very enjoyable post.

  13. The top photos is one of the loveliest "sister" shots I've ever seen. The wind-in-the-hair and the serence faces is such a slice-of-life.
    My mother treasures her photos of herself and her sister, Joan. There is something special about sisters and your post brings it home.


  14. I'm cutting back on coffee, so please excuse the horrid grammar in the previous comment.

  15. Absolutely lovely. It really feels as if the moment is preserved in that photo.

  16. I love the photos and your blog, especially the cockatiels in the limbs of the trees. I just changed my blog from these polka dots so we have great taste! I think if we are walking in faith with the Lord life changes occur regardless....

  17. I had one of those little Kodak instamatic cameras. I loved it. Beautiful photo of you and your sister.

  18. You look older than 14 in the photo, don't you think? The first is a great portrait of you and your sister. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Barry, Thankyou.

    Poetkat, Sister and friends, tank you.

    Christine H, Yes I feel that also.

    Pat, I decided to change mine also. Nothing like a change. The birds are everywhere here. These are yellow crested cockatoos taken outside our home.

    Willow,Thank you. Come again.

    Nancy, Iys funny but growning up to about 16yrs I always looked older.I went nursing at 17yrs and everyone used to say I was too young.. since then I am always told I look younger..
    But, I really was 14. My sister was almost 20.

  20. I think if I go look I can find that camera. Photos of the past are so fun and also mysterious as we live so much more life beyond those early photos of ourselves.


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