Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Values and Beliefs

Study in a University to become a Registered Nurse in Australia is Three years of full time learning. Following this you are often placed with a facilitator for your first year out working in a hospital. 
During this learning time other subjects are part of the curriculum.
One of mine was philosophy. And I loved it. 
My primary Alma Mater was The Australian Catholic University.
I wanted to take a minor in theology, however when I discovered I would be told what meant what in the Bible, I opted out. The reason for this being...I believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
Because of this I also believe God's Word as truth. We are informed in the Bible that Jesus left the Holy Spirit as our teacher, and as such, He has never let me down.
He is a patient teacher also, because, I am still a student to Him, and still learning. I expect to keep on doing this until the day He takes me home.  
When we love someone dearly we want to learn everything possible about them. We are not happy to only listen to someone else tell us about them, if we can get the chance to know for ourselves first hand. 
How many of you would pick up a diary of your beloved and read it to learn all their secrets....if you had the chance.
A New Testament, the diary telling all about Jesus Christ is readily available everywhere, yet how many who actually profess to know and love him, desire to read it???
Mostly they are happy to sit in church and listen to another's rendition. 
I cannot understand this!! 
In fact, many don't even know what they think they do, they just believe what they hear without the EVIDENCE....
And the first Christian faith followed by the disciple's was
The Sect of the Nazarene... Paul, who was once a Pharisee, became one of these himself. 

Three verses in total are written on Paul as being a part of
the Sect of the Nazarene.

Three of the main Jewish Sects (Religions) of Jesus time were. Sadducee's, Pharisees and Essenes.
These religions had different belief's and fought over what they believed. Paul was a strict Pharisee who experienced a life changing event which caused him to become a follower of Jesus. He then converted and became a member of the 'Sect of the Nazarene.' 

Paul is brought before the governor Felix charged by the Jews as a trouble maker because he followed Jesus....

To follow Jesus means to know him in a personal relationship..




  1. oh, crystal mary, this was fabulous! the first thing i thought of was my husband attending seminary for 5 years and how that dreadful experience robbed him of his passion for this day he has never been the same man who was once so in love with the Lord and with the Word.
    i am going to be the first one to admit here that i am not the bible reader that i should be, largely relying on good teaching but not spending much time getting into that precious 'diary' as i should. thank you for a great reminder of how precious the Bible really is, and especially, that it should be to those of us who say that we follow Him!
    much love to you, my dear friend :)

  2. Bless you Sheri, Many of us have been guilty...thats why I had to write this. People so often argue from a prospective of what they have been taught, instead of what they need to read for themselves. When we stand before God on the Judgement Day, there will be no excuses.. Bless you again for your courage.God see's your heart and loves you.

  3. Hi Crystal; thank you for your comment on Sepia Saturday. It is so much fun and interesting to have a look through the old photos. You are right he was blond and had blue eyes. I love your header with the gums and the cockatoos it is very beautiful the colours so subtle. wish you well T.

  4. You're wise in trusting the Holy Spirit over men (or women) in understanding scripture. Most of the big fusses among Christians have been over essentially small matters where both sides wanted to have the last word as to what was "right." I like to hear opinions that differ from mine, but only if that person can listen respectfully to my opinion as well. That way, both sides stand a chance of learning something. Unfortunately, few people fit that description.

  5. Great post yet again. I suspect the Bible is not read often enough.

    God bless.

  6. Thanks for sharing Crystal Mary! What can draw us closer to God than His word? It's like a sweet feast which never diminishes in goodness or sustenance.
    Dorothy :)

  7. i grew up as a Catholic. i"m 61, we were never taught using the Bible we were given interpretation by a teacher, priest, nun. I admit I'm not as familiar with the Bible.

  8. Dearest Rose. Please buy yourself a Bible and begin with John in the New Testament. He was Jesus cousin (not John the Baptist) and he gave a first hand account of Jesus life..the other three gospels were similar to that of a newspaper reporter. Following that The Act tell's how the church is to be.. It's wonderful
    To all my other dear friends who have commented, lets keep feeding and helping each other grow. Blessings C.M.

  9. A very thought provoking post (and I agree about the Gospel of John - it is truly awe-inspiring to read the account of a young man who was a follower of John the Baptist when Jesus came to be baptized).

    I was also very touched by the many comments (along with your own) of how Jesus can find you IN SPITE OF being drowned in (Catholic) Churchianity. As someone who is from an Ulster Presbyterian background can testify - the same is true for other denominations!

    I have found it a rewarding (but lonely) challenge to seek out the good in other denominations (including Catholic). But there is no 'churchy' substitute for talking in prayer directly to God, and experiencing the elation of having His response leap out at you from the living Word.


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