Friday, August 13, 2010

Grief and Children

Does anyone quite understand the grief children can suffer?
It may be a death, a divorce OR leaving everything familar to move away.
For myself it was loosing my grandfather not long after my father left.

The song was written by an old man simply known as 'Pop' and I listened to the words while driving home. After a visit to a friend.

Grandad Samuel, Granny Agnes Annie.
"There is no-one like my Jesus, he is all in all to me, there is no-one like my Jesus...."
Tears escaped the prison storage of my eyes to finally seek release.
Hearing this dear man sing with a simple quitar accomplishment brought back memories long lost, hidden deep within the crevasses of my mind.

God keeps our tears in a bottle, None are wasted. (Psalm 56:8) 
Tears stand for sorrow and with sorrow comes, learning, understanding and hopefully wisdom.

I was eight years old when my maternal grandfather passed away. The telegram explaining this was delivered to my mother. A piece of paper extinguishing a life.
How can a child fathom that? so to me it was untrue!
I often sat at the window and watched far up that long dirt road, waiting for his return.

For many years I kept this Godly man alive in my heart. I remembered the feel of his rough trousers as he crowded us grandchildren on his knee and sang. "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world."

It took a simple tape of an old man singing for me to cry,... thirty two years later.


  1. How wonderful to have loved someone like that. It is great you could hear the song and relove the memory.

  2. He was a wonderful Godly man. What a great memory and what a great way to share how we can honestly grieve our lost loved ones with the peace of God.

  3. God bless you Crystal Mary for sharing this with us. May he rest in peace.

    Best wishes.

  4. What a beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing.

  5. A wonderful post Crystal Mary. My father left when I was 7.(I did meet up with him years later...) but my Granddad was my real dad. I was lucky to have him well in to my adulthood but even now, so many years later, there's never a day goes past without me thinking about him.

    With love
    June xx

  6. Would you mind sending me your email address?
    I would like to send you a picture.
    love June xx

  7. The trouble with grief - it knows/has no time limit. Sandie

  8. Since I'm getting older I am losing a lot of my aunts and uncles. I lost my grandparents when I was in my twenties. I really don't know how a person gets through times like these without Jesus. I have noticed that the biggest hurt I see is when a spouse cheats. I have been told that it's worse than a spouse passing away. I enjoyed the words to the song. Doylene

  9. People may die, but love doesn't. We'll see all of our saved loved ones again, sooner than we think.

  10. I can relate to this post. Father left us when I was a small boy, my grandfather became my father-figure. He died, eight years ago and I'm still amazed at how much space he took up in my life.

  11. there are those moments that stay with us a whole lifetime. pertaining to death, my worst memory is when we got the call at home, and i rushed to my mother's workplace to tell her her mom had just died. the whole way i was getting there, i thought i'd have a heart attack myself as i loved my grandma and i knew my mom would take it very hard. she merely gasped, followed me home and went off to her hometown for the funerals. it took her a whole year to finally released the tears. such pain cannot be imagined, but i went through it when she died in 2007 after 13 months of illness. took me a week before i let go, tending to everything from the funerals and my father...

    there are such losses in life for which we are never ready.

    thanx 4 sharing and an extra big hug for you.


  12. Very touching; as a child I do not recall much about funerals other than they lasted for a week with all the food and gathering afterwards. I guess it was the Polish counterpart to the Irish wake. I particularly disliked seeing the bodies in open caskets. I was in my 30's before I would even visit funeral parlors, but decided that my dislike was disrespectful and I needed to get over it. Now having buried my dearest friend, my Mom, my special aunt just a year ago, and worst of all our son , I know that tears cleanse and never really dry up the grief in the soul. I was not familiar with that line in the Psalms...thanks

  13. He had such kind sweet eyes. I can just imagine what a warm, loving grandfather he must have been.

  14. I think we never stop missing those we love who have passed on. There's a children's book I love about a child who remembers his deceased grandfather called *My Grandson Lew* by Charlotte Zolotow. I cry every time I read it. If you can find it, you might enjoy it. Blessings to you.

  15. He looks like a wonderful and handsome man.

  16. Look like hardworking people who knew a hard life. Very nice.

  17. Although your grandfather died a long time ago. there's still some saddness , but you still have good memories to help.

  18. "A piece of paper extinguishing a life" . Beautifully put. The words and the picture seem to balance each other perfectly.

  19. Such a beautiful photo of grandparents well loved.


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