Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Embrassed in The Word

This picture by Laurie Thompson has been wonderfully portrayed.
I imagine my own self being embrassed here.
Jesus IS the Word of God... who reaches out to each one of us, to wrap us in His tender love.
How can that be? Some may ask.....what of all the horror in the world?
Why do we have illness and disappointments, war and calamity?

THANK GOD!!! He didn't make robots, but gave us all, a free will.
In that free will we walk our own walk and make our own choices...
ACCEPT, when we constantly place ourselves before him, and ask Him to take over.
Some of OUR wrong choices.
Choices of what to eat, even though it may make us ill.
Choices of driving recklessly. even though we kill.
Choices to be selfish or condemn others, so we have no friends.
Choices to lie, steal, rape, molest, cheat and destroy ourselves.  

When working as a professional health carer I always began each day on my way to work, using a prayer from His Word.

You may well ask why I chose this particular verse.
So lets look at what it says.....

"Let the WORDS of my mouth."
Our words effect others, for good or bad.
We hold a powerful tool in the shape of our tongue.
This tool can have a will of its own and speak out of reason...it can speak with pomp, it can speak in spite and pride, OR it can speak in humility...
There is life and death to the listener, in the power of the tongue.
So, it is best to keep it under control at all times.
It is best to THINK before you speak...
To encourage and lift up the listener, instead of caste down.
And if someone is rude to you...
Nothing said in return, speaks a thousand words.

"And the Meditation of my heart."
My words may say one thing, while my face reflects another....
Imagine me saying to a patient, " You are looking so much better today."
While my face looks on in horror,  mirroring.... I don't believe my own words.

"Be acceptable in thy sight Oh Lord."
If Jesus was standing right beside me when I opened my mouth, would He be glad, or would I make Him sad? 
I desire that what proceeds out of my mouth, brings a reflection of who I am in Him...."My Rock and My Redeemer."

For without Him,
I mess up,
and I am nothing.......


  1. Dear Mary, I so enjoyed today's post and yesterday's also. Today's post fits right in with my idea of learning to live a contemplative life.
    I am slowly understanding I do not have to be sitting in meditation or on my knees all day to live that kind of life. Would you accept my laughter meme challenge up for tomorrow? I love your spiritual side I would love to hear your humorous side. What is the funnest thing you have seen lately. Lol See tomorrow's post.

  2. Hi Crystal Mary,

    I hope you're keeping well. Sorry I haven't been visiting lately.

    God bless you always and your family.

  3. Hello Peggy, Gosh, everything is funny to me...I laugh continually. I see something funny even about what you wrote to me here...your tomorrow is my today, LOL, as we are approx 13hrs ahead of your eastern side and 17 hrs ahead of your western side...
    Now seriously, it would be my pleasure...
    Now what will I pick???
    with love the Madhatter (wink.)

    Hi Victor...I see you all the time...on the side of every bus and antique car that drives past...
    I wish!!!...BUT, if I lived in England I would, so I pretend I do. Great advertising!!! So great it sinks into the minds eye...Bless you.

  4. Ive seen this picture before and I really like it.

  5. fantastic picture. your breakdown was beautiful. it's hard at times to open our mouth and not say something that is hurtful. we need to pray for help. thanks rose

  6. I seem seeing this image in many blogs.
    hope you well.
    sorry for being absent...
    lovely post.

  7. "Embrassed" or embraced??


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