Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Memory for Sepia Saturday

I love reading all the nostalgia on the Sepia Saturday posts so here is one of my own.

I vividly remember the day I turned five years old.

 It was three days before Christmas and my mother took me shopping on the bus to the nearest town, seven miles away.
I always thought it such a long way. Three buses ran every day accept Sunday. It took half an hour to get there. Having a birthday so close to Christmas meant it was lost in all the other preparations, but mother brought me a shop cake to share with the family that day. I felt so grown up and proud.

The new year of school begins in late January in Australia, following 6 weeks of Christmas holidays over the summer.  The photo above is of the school I attended.
It was only a two room two teacher school with approximately twenty students ranging in age from five to twelve years.
The building in the foreground of timber floors and walls with tin roof was all there was then.
It was raining the day I enrolled and kept up a steady downfall until the school yard was a flowing muddy mess from the deluge.
All the kindergarten children remained on the veranda talking shyly together as our mothers completed our registrations.
One of the boys, by the name of Peter, sidled up to me and whispered,
"It's the end of the world you know, we'll never see our home again." 
Of course I believed him, and began to cry, I felt so terrified.
My older sister came out with her class for recess and seeing my distress came to find out why?  
She hugged me listening patiently between the tears.
Gently she reminded me of Noah and the Ark and Gods promise of the rainbow to show He would never flood the earth again.
That Peter stood back smiling and as the years passed I realised what a tormentor that naughty child was.
Because it was a country school we wore no uniform and very few children wore shoes to school. They were kept for special times like Sunday School.

I attended an all Girls High School and am picture here on the left in school uniform. The girl behind me on the right was not in uniform that day?

The one thing I am eternally grateful for is learning about God's love at a very young age.

“I tell you the truth. You must accept the kingdom of God like a little child accepts things, or you will never enter it." (Mark 10:15)



  1. A beautiful post Crystal. How different our lives are ~ each one has their special story. Thank you for sharing a bit of yours. Blessings today.

  2. I'm just trying to picture women today dressed for "everyday" but with no shoes on...this little piggy went to the market...this little piggy...

  3. Respected Sister,
    It's really very nice and sweet memories of your childhood.Like a well told story.I liked it.

  4. A really atmospheric post. Thanks for this 'misty' glimpse of your schooldays - mine are at the other end of the world, but my memories very similar. The stage of life you show was when I too first came to trust the Lord. What a long time ago that was, and what floods of water have passed under the bridge since then!

  5. Oh Stan, My father used to say the piggy story and I have done it with my little ones also. I did wear shoes to high school.But into my sixties now I am always barefooted in the house.

    Hemant, memories are good aren't they, it would be sad not to have them.

    Dear Phillip, Yes I first came to trust the Lord then also. I gave my heart at nine without fully understanding and re-affirmed it again at seventeen just after I entered nursing. I still remember the song that was sung, "Just as I am I come."

  6. What a nice story about your sister comforting you on your first day at kindergarten. Very sweet. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my crazy blog:)

  7. What a lovely story of your childhood memories. How special to have a big sister to comfort you in your distress. I really enjoyed this post.


  8. That was a lovely post. At least your sister was kind. My little sister wet her pants on the first day of school and when the other children brought her to me isaid 'She'll be alright' and went on skipping.

  9. CrazyasaCoolFox.
    Yes, my sisters were go good and still are.

    Joan...AWWW you didn't. She must have felt terrible.
    Bless you all.

  10. What wonderful memories - and such lovely pictures of you. I really enjoyed this.

  11. What beautiful photos, the photo of you aged five is just gorgeous, and your memories are wonderful; how lovely your sister was to you.

  12. I so loved your posting today sweet friend. The photos are lovely. Isn't it wonderful we can keep those sweet memories in our hearts.
    Blessings to you
    and Hugs
    June xx

  13. Thank you so much Crystal for sharing these wonderful memories with us. I just loved reading this post. Sort of brought back a few memories when I was a young boy growing up on the farm. God's blessings too you. Lloyd


  15. It is so interesting to learn about a person's early school memories, especially because they vary so widely throughout the world. I have a January birthday which often gets lost in the after-holiday events. I can only imagine a birthday on the 22nd! Happy Birthday in advance!

  16. Hi Crystal,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's so sweet of you to share a snippet from your childhood with us. How different life was back then! From your profile I see we have a few things in common. I also work in mental health or behavioral health as it is now called, but I am am occupational therapist and love the opportunities to help others. Talk to you again soon.

  17. Some remarkably clear and fascinating memories of that first day at school. You are right, special events (first day at school, the day Armstrong walked on the moon etc)have the ability to "fix" memories just like photographs do.

  18. much like my mom that was born on the 19th, she always felt her birthday was forgotten amidst it all.
    cute kid you were!! so, you're one of those who tell stories on how they had to go to school barefoot, on a long road, and there's usually snow also....
    i heard such stories before!!
    now, kids wait for the school bus and have the latest trend in running shoes...
    times change, but we're still around, no deluge!!

  19. thanks for sharing some of your childhood. it's interesting to listen about different schools not wearing shoes would bother me. I'm not good at walking barefoot. i guess you do what you have to in any situation. rose

  20. What wonderful memories even if the boy tried to scare you. Your mother and cake was the best story for me. She really loved her five year old girl.


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