Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family Time

My hubby is back in Tennessee visiting his beautiful grandchildren. Lauren, Allyson and Isaac.
They love their Papaw Ray.

I remain in Oz this time and enjoyed mine.
They came to spend a few days with Nan, 
and made me feel alive and young again.
Brody and Elyshah dressed in uniform for school.

Then I took time to drive one hour away and spend a couple of days with my elder daughter Femia.
She has a contemporary Queenslander home.
With light coloured walls and roof to protect from the heat. 

The front entry welcomes with Christian decor.

Husband David relaxes with a coffee while he contemplates his next business task.

My daughter Femia works on her photography.

I take a stroll out to the swimming pool. 
I hoped to spot my grandsons pet water dragon.
But he is hiding.

I walk down the path towards the back of the house.
But see nothing.

I look everywhere before sighting him.

Yes you guessed right...sunbathing near the pool.
Grandson Luke loves reptiles and found this one on the wall at the local shops..

 Luke dressed in school uniform.
If he could take his dragon with him, he would.

                 He's another Steve Irwin.

Life is not perfect yet we should always see the positive,
 and be thankful.
Femia and I spent much time, coming before the Lord and worshiping Him with Praise.
I am so thankful, to have two beautiful Christian daughters who enjoy to praise the Lord with me.  



  1. Praise God, what a lovely family you have! I know things are never perfect (they certainly aren't for me!) but everyone had a smile on their face and that makes for very nice moments!
    Your daughter has a lovely home. So gracious and light. It had the look of wonderful summer days!
    Blessings to you all!

  2. Hello Ann, Lovely to see you. Yes Jesus is the light of the world and her home reflects that. x

  3. Lovely to see a different aspect of your life..as a grandma and Ray being grandad to his grandchildren. Great that you're having a good time separately..you'll have plenty to talk about when he comes home.

  4. Enjoy your beautiful family, Crystal! And your daughter's home is gorgeous!

  5. How nice you both got to spend quality family time and both families look happy to spend time with you two as well. God is Good. Yes, I know what you mean about your girls as my hubby was in a pensive mood last night before dropping off to sleep and I asked him if anything was bothering him and he replied "Nope, just counting my Blessings". Priase the lord for a husband who loves Him. Love you, Mollye

  6. What a lovely family you all have. It is always so much fun to visit with them. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these photo's and moments with your family Crystal Mary. God is so good to us. Blessings to you. Lloyd

  8. Beautiful pictures, beautiful children, beautiful grand children. My, but how quickly they grow-up

  9. Crystal, you are so Blessed. Thanks for sharing about your lovely families.
    Glad you each had some special time with them.
    Love and Blessings,

  10. You are surely a blessed woman. You have a lovely family and lovely grandchildren.

    And I have never seen a home like that - it is beautiful - pool and all. Wish I could see something like that someday.

    Your husband is only one state away from me! Maybe some day you might come with him again - we could meet.


  11. Love your positive posts! They contrast quite nicely with my grumping! May God bless you and yours.

  12. Hi Crystal,
    Lovely uplifting post. You have two daughters! That's great, I only have one, and I enjoy her immensely, now that she's grown. Femia is a lovely name. And your grands are all good looking too.

    Lovely cool summery home. I can feel the love.

    I'd be scared of that reptile if I had anything like it in my garden. Oh my... I wondered if you were joking, but you sounded serious. I have a big lizard behind my potted plants - a green and yellow slimy one, like a salamander , it gives me the jitters each time I spot it! (shudder)

    Thanks for your words on my recent post. So like Jesus to speak to me... and thanks for being the messenger.

    Love to you,

  13. Bless you for sharing this beautiful post with us Crystal.

    I hope you're keeping well.

    God bless you and yours always.

  14. Hello Crystal Mary, it's me. Thanks for your comments on my "U" turn post. Your family all look like they are happy to be around you, even the boys in their rather bizarre school uniforms (Short pants? We stopped wearing those at the end of primary school, for high school it was long pants, white shirt and tie with a blazer to top it off. Very British.) Of course things in Australia are very different from here. Hotter I would guess except maybe in Natal where I grew up. The home looks very inviting and cool especially with the white roof, the dragon is something I would keep as a pet too so you can tell Luke I'm fully on his side.
    Nice to be able to wander around with a camera and take pictures isn't it. All my love Geoff.

  15. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. Blessings.

  16. So good to see that you stay positive in the wake of the flood and all that's been happening to you and yours.

  17. Hi Crystal Mary,
    I think it is wonderful that you had such a great time with your daughter, growing closer to each other and to the Lord!!! Praising God with your family is so powerful! I am happy you have that.

    This is a beautiful home! I love your grandchildren, husband's grandchildren and the pet water dragon! Cool.

    Praying for you sis,

  18. Crystal Mary, what a lovely visi you shared with us..it was like being there. How amazing is our God I was so afraid to see the eptile picture as I myself are not a fan, I had a traumatic experience with one but he is so beautiful his coloring is truly a painting...So happy you both had th chance to see your families God Bless have a fruittful week Patricia

  19. Thank you for sharing such a nice post along with these great photos!!!

    Love in Christ Jesus to you all,


  20. your daughters home and your family are beautiful!!! :)

  21. Dear Crystal Mary,

    It is a delight to see your family all blessed with a smile in their lips... you have a wonderful and beautiful family... God Bless you all and joy always...!!!^^


  22. Hi Crystal,
    Oh what a beautiful home and family!!!!
    Sending (((hugs))) your way!!


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