Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Rememberance of ANZAC Day

I cry unashamedly hard as I listen and watch this song.
On the 25th of April each year, Australia remembers the fallen.
Those men and women who march proudly off to war to fight for their country.
And Why??

I don't like war!! and I don't like what it does to those who fight.
Many loose their lives, many return so broken in spirit...
And in the very old wars, many were simply lost and their family could not even claim and bury them??
My grandfather Samuel fought in the First World War.

My father Arthur fought in the Second World War.

My husband Ray fought in the Vietnam War.

Ray's Purple Heart.
He bears the scar's on his arm and chest.
They wanted to amputate.
His mind bears much more.

Ray remembers his comrades.

Ray suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
No one knows how hard this is for him.
Or for myself as his wife...
After four years, the U.S. government is still considering his case??

You wonder?
Only those who suffer really understand the hardship.
When will it end?

Our Jesus said:
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.
In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart!
I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33


  1. G'Day Crystal Mary,

    A wonderful tribute!

    I often think the song Waltzing Matilda should be our National Anthem. I love this "Only those who suffer really understand the hardship." I agree!

    My grandfather was in the army and fought in WW1 & WW2, my father was in the RAAF during WW2.

    Hope the rest of the week is pleasant. With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  2. My Daddy was in Korea. He never received any counseling, etc., but he suffered his whole life.

    I wonder... this war being the longest ever.. if it will end.

  3. I am from the Viet Nam era - so I totally agree with you - their minds will never forget. But we do so appreciate these mena nd women who fought for us.

  4. A wonderful song and a sad one. How sad that young men have to fight and die in wars started by selfish old men sitting safely at home. May God bless every God-fearing veteran who served their country. Tell Ray that my hat is off to him. (And God bless you,dear lady, for making this post.)

  5. Yes my aunts told me that my father was never the same man when he returned for the second war. I know that I was his support and guidance person more than a son should have been. I am sorry your husband is still suffering. The recognition of his condition by the government would be the least that they could do.

  6. War is tough on all involved. I am sorry for the scars on your husband and you.

    Not a pretty site.


  7. God bless our sister country Australia...without you we would not enjoy our freedom's. I pray to God to bless us all an watch over our country'sin such terbuliant time's. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute to those who have suffered and had their own live's taken or marred to protect us. God bless your dear husband who fought in such a horrible war where the people did not appreciate what they did for us all.
    LOve,Debbie (In the USA)

  8. Gave this post an honorable mention over on my blog, Crystal.

  9. Thank you Crystal Mary for this post! God bless

  10. Hi Crystal Mary -

    What a moving piece in tribute!

    Thank you so much for sharing this post.

    Truly, it inspired...

    Indeed, you and your family continue to be in my prayers.

  11. Thank you to all. I am currently hundreds of miles from home with my son who is agonising over his salvation? I ask for prayer for him..I pray the Lord turn his "mourning into dancing and his sorrow into joy." Blessings...

  12. Dear Crystal Mary,
    I join you in prayer for your son. I pray that God turns his mourning into dancing and his sorrow into joy. A mother's prayers touch the heart of God, dear sister.

  13. Very special post to recognize so many who have served their country and their fellow man. My brother served two tours of duty in the Marines in the Viet Nam era. Later he became a Christian and 6 months later was killed in a tragic accident.

    Praying with you for grace and victory through all of the daily struggles you face.

    Sharon - coping with a loss

  14. I don't like war either, Jesus came to bring peace to this world. We can only keep praying for for a more peaceful world:) Praying for your husband.

  15. What a terribly sad song. I totally agree with you. War, Why? My husband is a disabled veteran and where we live in Philadelphia it is embarrassing the care our veterans receive. Hang in there your husbands case will be settled eventially.
    I have PTSD (not from war)as a result of several tragedies in my family. It is not easy for sure but I am determined to keep it in check.
    Have a marvelous weekend.


  16. Hello Crystal Mary. God bless you, your husband and son today. I'll keep you in my prayers, all my love Geoff.


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