Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beyond Imagination

As a teenager I had four passions.



I was a very shy young girl and spent my time after a day at high school, in the local library..

Books can take you into another world. In fact, the great part is, they take you away to places you only dream of.

I love the Old Masters, Rembrandt, Rubens, Da Vinci and Constable.
I can gaze at these works of art for hours.
They hold so many hidden treasures.
Their talent is beyond my understanding.

I try to paint, but I am no real artist, only a novice.
One lady Blogger on here I admire, is Clint's beautiful wife Cindy.
Her site is:
You can even join her on Facebook where you'll see more of her work.

While looking through a book on French Art, BACK THEN.....
I turned the page to get the shock of my life..


There I was!!

The hair colour was darker, and the style different, yet otherwise it was me!

This painting was of a famous woman named Madame Juliet Recamier`
(and not a very desirable type) dated 1800.
The artist, Jacques Louis David.

My ancestry is French on my mothers side, and if there is one place in the world I would like to visit, it is Versailles.... (dream on...!)

Isn't it magnificent?? I believe the art work inside is out of this world.
I'd have to leave Ray at home.. he takes a quick look and runs on to the next adventure.
Maybe Cindy and Sandie would like to go with me...??
(I'm still dreaming..)

I wonder??
Have you ever seen your double?
If so, tell us all about it?

 "And God saw every thing that he had made,
and, behold,
It was very good."

Genesis 1:31


  1. We all have our dreams. After all, that's what keeps us going. Mine was to visit Australia and south Africa. I even had it worked out when in high school. I used to teach downhill skiing, and had a job offer somewhere in Australia ( I didn't even know Australia had snow!). The plan was to come back for Canad's winters and do the same. Alas, it ended when I found out what the pay was like!

  2. I hope your dream comes true! How fun it would be to travel there with those who enjoy the same things and like to linger.

    What a beautiful painting! I see a huge resemblance to you, very beautiful! People have told me I look like Meryl Streep and Bo Derek. I tend to disagree for I only see the long blonde hair linking us together. ;)


  3. Oh I do see a resemblance! I've never met my double, but years ago when I worked in a bank we had a customer whose last name was the same as my maiden name. She would always tell me that I resembled some of her husband's cousins who lived in the eastern part of the United States. At that time, I didn't know much about my ancestry, bt years later a cousin began tracing our family and as it turns out, we had ancestors that lived around the same area. Who knows...cousins seven times removed???

    I agree with you about books - they can transport you to the places of your dreams. Speaking of which, one of mine is to visit Austrailia some day!


  4. I also love art and books. They can transport you to another world. The painting does look like you! Maybe you are distantly related. You are both beautiful!

  5. SANDIE WOULD LOVE TO COME WITH YOU!!!!!!! I really would.

    And the picture - you are beautiful if you looked like her - I knew you were anyway.

  6. Pretty cool that you were famous before you were even born! They say everyone has a double somewhere.

  7. Wow! How cool to be related to someone famous, lol. I haven't actually seen my double but I've been seriously mistaken more than once for a couple of women in other in Malaysia and one in FNQ, Australia. It was a bit odd because the woman in Australia did not believe that I am from Canada. She really thought I was someone she knew quite well and would not believe me or a mutual friend. I probably have more twins somewhere ;-) I do hope you get to Versailles some day with someone who will enjoy looking in museums with you.

  8. Very interesting, indeed. Yes, Cindy'll definitely go with ya!

  9. this was a great read...a number of people have told me they know me when they don't...they say I look like someone they know. So I guess I do have a few twins out there. Have a great weekend.

  10. I have not seen my double, but people tell me she lives in town and looks just like me. I wonder if I would think so!

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  12. Hi Crystal Mary. Thank you so much for remembering me on your blog post! That is so thoughtful of you. Yes, I would love to go to Versailles with you! (I take my sloooow time in art galleries) ;-) You are beautiful like Madame Juliet Recamier in the painting. I can see how you would have been surprised when you saw yourself in the painting.

    There is someone named Pam in my small town of Clinton, TN, that I have been told that I resemble. Also, I a have a newspaper clipping of a woman who I thought looked exactly like me at a certain age. I may share this on my blog sometime.

    Thank you again, Crystal Mary! ♥

  13. I love books especially...friends...a way to visit the world. What a blessing to be able to read when so many in the world cannot. God bless you this Spiritual Sunday.

  14. Our dreams can be as important to our existence as the air we breathe and the water we drink, always keep your dream alive. Remember all things are possible for those who believe and ….I do see a resemblance.
    Much Blessings.


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