Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sign Posts in Ozzie Land

If you don't know where your going, check a sign post.

No Snow? No Worry..Skiing Roo..

What else?

For the Cassowary. Sure hope he can read.

Nothing to worry about...

Don't try to attract the the Croc's


 And the best sign post to Eternal Life is Jesus.


  1. Fantastic post! I love all the sign posts :-)

  2. What a great way to start a Tuesday - and please don't let any kangaroos go skiing!

  3. LOL enjoyed your post this morning...a good giggle for Tuesday. My fav was the "no toilet" sign ...being a woman we know we must "know" where the next toilet is .... LOL

  4. Well, I thought I had just finished taking some funny sign pictures, but you have me beat!!! These so funny, are they everywhere do you only see them once in a while? What on earth does the skiing kangaroo mean?

  5. Hi Crystal Mary,
    Awesome signs!! LOVE them, especially the before and after one.

    Praying you are mending up fine,

  6. Fascinating, thanks for sharing. Hope your health continues to improve.

    God Bless - Nita.

  7. Ah ha...They skiing kangaroo was a bit of extra artwork applied as a joke...we only have two small places in Australia that see snow, and its not the outback.. Great to get a laugh.

  8. Very good! Especially the crocodile ones! lol Blessings x


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