Monday, September 19, 2011

All About Nancy

Nancy is my closest spiritual friend.
We live miles apart yet I am forever mindful of her.
When we first met, we were both strangers to a new town.
Both nurses, both with European cultural backgrounds and both joining the same church.
Now all of that goes to make a great connection.
She, like I, is exuberant about life, she laughs till she cries, and sees beauty in everything.
Nancy, is so near to my heart.
We were very close, going out together, sharing all our inmost secrets...
And never, taking offense with the other. 
Nancy is a soul mate, someone with whom my soul connects.

You all know I have been unable to get around as freely as I did.
It's getting better and with Rays help, I attended church yesterday for the first time in two months.
But on friday a parcel was delivered to my door.
It took me ages to walk and collect it as Ray had gone out.
What a surprise!!
It was from Nancy...
I cried as I opened it and saw all the love in special gifts from her and other friends.
Wonderful notes expressing love and care were tenderly read.
Thank you my sweet sisters-in-Christ..
Just to be remembered~ ~ meant to much.
So on here I want to thank them all.
Thank you Nancy.
Thank you Sister Jean.
Thank you Sister Zena and Sister Prima..
I Love You All. You made my day!!

"Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself. 
Don't only think about your own affairs, 
but be interested in others too, 
and what they are doing "
(Philippians 2:3-4 )


  1. I don't know if I messed up with my first comment - so I said I was so glad that you have EACH other! And is that you with the pink hair?


  2. That's wonderful that you have such a friend as this!

    God's blessings to you Crystal Mary, I know Jesus Christ loves you dearly! My prayer is for God to get you stronger . . . very soon!

  3. Its a pink scarf tied around my hair, I love hippy clothes and going daughter agrees, the other likes mum to be professional..LOL
    Thank you all...

  4. It's so nice to be blessed with good friends.

  5. Friendships like this are something to be really cherished!!! I am so sorry you haven't been well, what has been going on?

  6. What wonderful friends you have. Placing a smile on that pretty face of yours. :)

    Continuing to pray for you girl.


  7. True friends like her are a gift from God. They are rare. How fortunate you are!

  8. Hi Crystal Mary, you are blessed to have such friends! I know you are a good friend, too. I hope you are improving daily. I have to tell you I really LOVED your TENNESSEE cap! Take care ...


  9. You post has made me so very happy.
    many thanks,

  10. I am blessed to have friends that I love, too. For that, I thank God.

    Love the photos! The joy is very obvious.

  11. This was so sweet and lovely!!

  12. Good Morning, my sweet dear friend, Crystal Mary!!
    I must tell you that I am so impressed by your breathtaking beauty, even at your age.
    You must have been extremely gorgeous when you were younger, Crystal. It indeed, shows it...
    I also love your TN. hat, and your colourful clothing. You bright up people's days when you smile with your pretty face. I am sure everybody must love you so much, since you are so sincere and a loving kind lady. Your friends love you that is why they are showing it to you at all times. Your friend -in the picture you share- looks like she adores you, Crystal. She looks so happy with you. As I read your blogs entries, I realize that you are such a loving sweetheart. I am glad to have met you in the Internet, and to call you my dear friend, Crystal. I pray that you are getting healed and heading for a prompt full recovery after your knee surgery. Time will heal. God is a natural mighty Physician, and the best of them all.
    God keeps blessing you, sweetheart Crystal, and all those you love!!
    In God's Garden,
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  13. how lovely Crystal and I know she feels the same about you!!!! xxx

  14. O I like this. To have a soulmate is so important! Do you have an European cultural backgrounds? Great!


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