Thursday, September 8, 2011


There is no one alive who hasn't suffered Hurt, Pain, Humiliation and
I don't know why I am writing about this today? Or maybe I do...
Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege of being visited by three special ladies.
First came my daughter Daniella, bouncing into the house with her usual vibrant self, coming to share with mum.

 Then I received a phone call from Lynn, 'would I like a visit?' She came bearing a meal and prayers.
Finally Dawn, another sweet lady came.... another two meals, and much sharing.

I can look back over the years and remember times of need when no one came.
When I felt alone and deserted.

As people read what I am writing, many could never imagine, what my past has been, or what I have come through... Much I have blanked out because of the pain.

We all have a story to tell. 
All of us walk through life hopefully learning lessons and gaining wisdom.
Becoming Better and not Bitter.
Wisdom only comes by realisation and understanding. 

Many feel in times of desolation that God is punishing, or that He is not there, He simply doesn't exist.
Yet if God did not allow us to have a free will of discovery we would never experience the trails we do..
We would never learn to pray or come before him..
"For when we are weak, He is strong."  2 Corinthians 12 :10.
We would never understand the joy of having restored, all the devil has taken from us.

"And I will restore to you, the years the locust hath eaten."
Joel 2:25

  Granddaughter Shiarn (Daniella's) running free with her chooks.



  1. Beautiful verses and uplifting post. Your daughter is so pretty. Just like her mom :-) I'm so glad that some folks went to help you through this time and to share some visits over a meal.

  2. Always so nice when people are around you in difficult/hard times. Sometimes I prefer to be alone. Then I prefer email contact. But if something were wrong with me physically, I appreciate the fact that people just come and see how it goes. And I'm in that position. That is also grace from the Lord: friends who care about us!

    I think your blog is beautiful. The pictures also. And the last bible-verse touches me.

  3. I believe we all are appointed "seasons" of life summer / fall / winter and spring...each bringing to us new life, shedding of unnecessary clingings < thoughts and feelings> and so so many truths of one's self...I for one have learned through my perpetual seasons how much I "lean" upon self ...when God created me with an incredible need for lean on and not me...I'm in a season right now that feels as dead winter ...learning the true meaning >>> You're all I need <<<<< we so easily confess such strong declarations of faith but when we are put to the "living of the declarations" we find we were but "hot air" ...
    thanks for the thought provoker this morning...Happy Thursday

  4. Who is the lady in the picture and what is the beautiful blue backdrop, looks almost like a quilt. The picture of your lovely granddaughter surely exemplifies freedom and the innocence of childhood. Being a new follower, I did not realize that you have had a recent tragedy of some sort? I am so very sorry to hear this.

  5. So glad you had sweet visitors. I've been in a room full of people in my past and still was all alone!!! That picture of your knee makes me cringe...I can't even imagine the pain you've gone thru. HOPE you are better and better each day!

  6. Hi Crystal Mary,
    Hoping and praying you are recovering and the pain is minimizing.

    I am glad you have family around to cheer you up and feed you. :)

    If we didn't have the downer times then how would ever know what a good time is? I am so glad God brought you through for you are a special lady and I am glad to have met you.

    You granddaughter is beautiful! Love the pic!

  7. Crystal
    This is another timely post for me - and you write from a heart that is so sensitive and kind... I feel your kindness is being returned to you in ways that truly warms your heart.

    You are a tremendous blessing to those who know you, including us in blogworld.

    I tried to send you a personal email, but it bounced back.

    May I ask you to send me an email at diadem2011 at yahoo dot com

    I will appreciate hearing from you, so I can send you the email I tried to send you.

    Much love

  8. Glad you had some visitors. And I figure there's a lot of us still praying for you to boot.

  9. Life has many lessons for all mankind... I like what you said "Becoming better, not bitter."

    Keep your chin up! All God's Best, Kerrie

  10. I hope and pray you're keeping well Crystal.

    God bless.

  11. Hi Crystal Mary,
    I know the Lord will continue to supply your needs. I have seen Him turn my messes into miracles. He is a God intent on restoration.
    Blessings and hugs
    Dotti :)

  12. Your family is just full of beauty. You have much to be thankful for. The picture of Shiam and the chickens is priceless.

  13. Love your sharing -
    You've reminded me of something -
    D'ya recall Abraham?
    So, he was resting, and Suddenly he realized God was with him - when he looked up, there were three visitors - who came to visit - Abraham, Sarah and his friends threw a grand feast - they got to spend time and share stories (one story in particular made Sarah Laugh - and the visitor who told it promised a return visit at the right time) - That visit - That special "three visitor" visit - changed - well, it changed a lot of things for lots of people - the changes were so HOLY - that it reverberates today . . . I'm wondering (Since you already know The Holy is with you)- if your day of "three visitors" has brought marvelous change - to your world, mine . . . maybe rippling across the planet - for wholeness, love and healing . . . .
    what do YOU think???
    love & love,

  14. thanks for sharing.. great post!

  15. Ciao Crystal, Come stai?? Tutto Benne??...
    Beautiful and inspirational story you are telling this day, dear friend, Crystal Mary!!
    It certainly reminds me of my past as well, when the pain was so unbearable, and I really wanted to die and go with the Lord. However, God sustained me in this planet Earth for a while, to fulfill His plan for me in this world.
    We all must suffer in one way or another to gain the Golden Kingdom of God in Heaven. How could we appreciate good things and a good life, if we did not undergo any trials, tribulations, burdens, pain, hurting and so on...We all live in trying times, in which the Lord will choose the ones who will inherit Eternity with Him. I love this post, sweet Crystal!! IO TI VOGLIO BENNE, BELLA DONNA!!
    I hope and pray that you are doing better. I still pray every single day for you, Crystal, for your complete healings and full recovery.
    All the best in your precious life, my friend.
    Love in Christ,
    Poet Starry Dawn.


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