Saturday, November 12, 2011

Convicts in Tasmania - Australia

We saw this sailing ship on the way. How appropriate.

I love history, yet much of it is built on the hard labour of others.
On slavery, bond servants and convicts.
Many of these people were oppressed into an empty life.
Such was the penal colony of  Port Arthur in Tasmania.
Tasmania (Tassie)  is an island that sits on the bottom of Australia under the state of Victoria.
Remember, Australia is approximately the size of the U.S.A.,_Tasmania
Ray and I visited this notorious place where only a remnant of what once was, now remains.
Once a bustling harbour side town, built on convict labour, it has ended a tourist destination.
As I sat on a bench and reminisced, I thought of the cold, hunger and inhumane conditions.
I imagined the whip cracking over skeletal backs and the cries of powerless men.
Many went mad.
Here are some of our photos.

On the way to Port Arthur: A wild coastline.
Port Arthur as viewed from the water.

The Commandants House.
This was built and added to, over a period of time. It has three levels.

To the right side of the Commandants House is the Guard Tower.

The ruins of the main prison was used for those considered to be hardened criminals..
There was another which was know as the separation prison..This was built later to help rehabilitate.
Where the grass is, was once just dirt.

Many of the men went mad and were placed into this building,  an asylum.... It chills my blood..

The church, it was compulsory to attend. 

The Isle of the dead.
This was where everyone was buried.
The convicts were placed in pauper graves down towards the water.
The upper class and officers in a graveyard on the hill with stone monuments.

There was another island.... designated especially for boys. 
As young as nine years old, they were considered responsible for their actions and sent here.

This may once have been an officers cottage?
I liked the lovely shrub at the side.

On the way back to Hobart we stopped for a rest and I saw this little fellow.
He is an echidna or spiny anteater. They are mammals and lay eggs. 

Ray picked it up to give me a closer look.

Ray also found a bearded dragon.

 "There is a time for everything,
  and a season for every activity under the heavens:

A time to be born and a time to die,

A time to plant and a time to uproot,

A time to kill and a time to heal,

A time to tear down and a time to build,

Ecclesiastes 3:1-3


  1. Crystal Mary - fascinating journey through the use of photographs and word. I greatly enjoyed this history lesson.

  2. I enjoyed your history post and all your beautiful photos. Very fascinating.

  3. Loved the photos. No doubt many of the "crimes" these men (and boys) were guilty of would have been minor by today's standards. I'm sure there were some murderers and such in the mix as well, though.

  4. This was an amazing journey,,, I've just been studying - and writing - about the Great persecution of 303 to 311... So similar... except in Tasmania it was Christians... So sad that "Christians" should treat others in such a manner. But then...were they really Christians? I mean, nine year old boys???

  5. G'day Crystal Mary,

    Wow, I'm loving being on the Tassy holiday with you. I've travelled a lot of Australia, but never Tasmania. It's on my list... God willing.

    Port Arthur does have a sad history.

    Love the cute echidna! I wonder what happened to his or her spines. Malting to you suppose, for the Summer? May have to Google that one. I have resuced a lot of wildlife over the years and God makes some really neat creatures. It's so funny how the spines of the echinda look sharp, but they are ever so soft.

    The frilled neck lizard bought back many childhood memories. I was always outside catching them as a kid. Don't think I'd be game now. LOL.

    Happy Saturday to you and Ray! All God's Best dear friend, Kerrie. xOX

  6. Love your post! thank you for sharing...God bless you...loves soraya

  7. Oh I love history. Thank you so much for sharing. My heart broke for those who endured those conditions, especially the boys.

  8. Very interesting and informative! Beautiful pictures. The little creature looks a tiny bit like a baby porcupine. A long ago "crush" of mine once brought me a baby porcupine back from his hunting trip!

  9. My word, what a horrible place. And to think they put BOYS on that island. The guard tower looks like a feudal castle. The first picture with all the beautiful blues is so gorgeous, who would have thought of the awful history. I see your husband is not afraid of much! The dragon must not bite or be dangerous? I love this unusual wildlife, we have nothing like it around here.

  10. Beautiful setting full of sad, sad, cruel memories for many. Guess we need to focus on the beauty. Your Ray is certainly a brave man if you ask me! Sandra

  11. I enjoy to read this story. What an interestig history. And i like the pictures. Your Ray and the dragon...

  12. What an interesting post, you ceratinly brought the history alove with your beautiful photo's.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Blessings and prayers,

  13. I loved your post today. Often thought about as I read some English history. Those poor people were often sent there as slaves for stealing a loaf of bread because they were starving.
    Take care,Big Hugs
    June xx

  14. Hi Crystal Mary,
    Your journey to Tasmania was indeed, a fulfilling History Lesson, and a life lesson as well. It gives me a chill wind, shiver, goose bumps to realize how dreadfully cruel humans, could be, if they really want to...
    Those folks back in time treated their prisoners (slaves) in a very cruel manner. How about little boys of 9 years old!! I wonder...
    They also practiced EVIL TORTURE. How sad!!...
    Your pictures taken there are awesome. I love the little baby that your husband, Ray is holding for you to take his lovely pic. I am an animal lover and advocate!! You know, I used to watch Steve Irwin's TV Program: "The Crocodile Hunter". He was an Australian Zoologist. Steve made his program with his American wife, Terri, and Bindi Sui, their daughter. Steve Irwin was very famous round the world, especially loved by Conservationists of Our Natural Environment. Steve Irwin called himself: A Wildlife Warrior Worldwide. They used to travel round the world to make his famous TV Program Alive. We miss him so much!! A sting fish killed Steve at sea.
    I also love flowers and plants. Your garden is gorgeous, Crystal!! Be careful with snakes!! They could really bite in a deadly way. Steve Irwin used to teach many things about snakes and reptiles. Thank you so much for visiting my site, and expressing your wise evaluations!!
    You are an amazing Christian Online friend.
    God may bless you, Crystal, and all those you love!! All the best, Poet Starry Dawn.

  15. Great, interesting post!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  16. Interesting post, Mary. The island is beautiful. The winds carry the cries of tormented men... I wonder, if we will see any of them in heaven? What a glorious place for them to re-unite with loved ones.


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