Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Psalms 23. IS YOUR HOPE FOR NOW !!

The 23rd Psalm holds many promises.
And those promises are for today, for now.
That's why it begins with......
The Lord IS My Sheppard,
Not WAS my Sheppard..
But IS My Sheppard.
As you watch this video it will reassure Gods promises to you..
Take it into your soul and rest in His eternal love today.

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  1. My favorite verses in the Bible - and most reassuring.

    I bought your book today.

    Love, sandie

  2. Finished your book! LOVED it! I'll check with you before I do a review.

  3. Hi There, So glad you came back to my blog. Please come back anytime!!!!

    I love Psalm 23... It's always been a favorite --and it is full of HOPE... Thanks for sharing.

    Happy 2012.

  4. Good Morning, Crystal Mary!!
    I am sure you had a Merry Christmas with all your beloved ones!!
    I love this post with the video, sweetheart.
    You see, Psalm 23 is my favourite Psalm in the Holy Bible. It inspired me to write many new poems with it. It refreshes my inner being, the tissue of my crystal soul, with whispering hope.
    Thank you for being an awesome Online friend!!
    Happy Holidays again, Crystal Mary!!
    Happy New Year to one and all!!
    You are welcome aboard at anytime, dear one.
    All the best in your way,
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  5. Really interesting, and there are also beautiful images on the video.


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