Saturday, December 31, 2011

HEAVEN: Another Time, Another Place.

Another year is passing.
A new one begins for us in Australia tomorrow.
Samoa are the first to celebrate the New Year.
Then New Zealand...
With Australia coming sixth and so on...

What will the New Year bring??
No one knows...
None can accurately predict, only God knows.
Some of us my leave this earth next year...
For where??

We are all sinners...YES! we ALL struggle..

BUT, God knows the desires of our hearts,
And He knows, how hard we try.
Perfection will never be ours here on earth.

We have a risen savour in Jesus Christ....
AND, we have the promise of a Heavenly home..
Please listen to this song.. and know where YOU belong.
Believe it... You are covered with His Blood.


  1. Good thought and prayers to go into the new year with Crystal. Love, sandie

  2. Happy New Year 2012!!
    I hope and pray this year finds you healthy and able to do the things you love doing like walking.

    I have purchased your book and hope it will arrive in January sometime. So looking forward to reading this.

    Hugs and blessings,

  3. I'm one of those folks who knows where he's going, but would rather not go just yet. I've still got some things that I'd like to do! Hope you have a very nice new year!

  4. Reading this is a good way to prepare to greet the new year.
    Happy New Year to you.

  5. I know not what the future holds
    But I know Who holds my hand

    Love Val

  6. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, Mary!!

  7. Thank you for your true words and a very happy blessed 2012 to you and yours.

    Hugs Nita.

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