Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am Aware of Angels

I am aware of Angels and that is one reason I have written about them in my new book Shadows of Time.
In my story I give my heroine the two I was given years ago.
At the time I was going through a terrible stress, one I thought I could never survive.

Then one night, as my children slept, I lay on the lounge watching television.
Engrossed in the program, I was not thinking about the Lord.
Suddenly I was given the revelation, and the names of two angels.
I was told they were always with me.
Their names are Goodness and Mercy. 
Can you imagine my joy?
I got up and ran all over that big house.

They are not as depicted in the picture above.
Not at all.
Rather they are two tall males.

I am remembering them now because of an experience the other night.
I retired to bed sad and lonely.
Ray rarely goes to bed with me, and is usually up again before I am.
As many of you may realise, when not at golf he spends a lot of time on his computer.
He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it is a difficult condition.

Well, I was awoken about 3 am, by a loud whistle in my ear.
Its the same whistle I give, to attract my little dogs when they are up the back yard.
And it woke me up.

I know who it was, and I know why they woke me.
I needed to pray about my situation...

Did I do that?  NO!
My heart was thumping, and I stayed up for a while.
Selfishly I was thinking of myself instead of God, and I missed my opportunity.
So this year, I pray to be more aware!...more aware to pray when called.

We are not to worship Angels, they are messengers of God, sent to do His Will. 

Then the angel said to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!’” 
And he added, “These are the true words of God.”

At this I fell at his feet to worship him. 
But he said to me, “Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. 
Worship God! 
For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”


  1. I firmly belive the Lord sends angels to us in time of need and mostly, we are unaware they are there. Surely, Goodness and Mercy shall follow you...what a comfort to know.

  2. Sort of gives a new meaning to the 23rd Psalm; doesn't it?

  3. I am comforted by the thought of angels. And Goodness and Mercy - very special ones.

  4. I'm right there with you my friend...that is why I have chosen my signature word to be "commitment"...comitting to Him always over self.....Powerful reading this evening

  5. Thanks for sharing this Crystal Mary, I too know that God sends His angels to watch over us. They are His messengers for sure...

  6. I believe in angels too - so many times there are near misses!!! Love, sandie

  7. I truly believe along with you that angels are assigned to watch over us. Scriptures say we are surrounded by them at all times. Great experience and praise God.

  8. Hebrews 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Great post, I've listened with bended ear to stories about Angels.

  9. Hi Crystal,
    When the Lord wants me to pray, I hear a telephone ringing. The Lord knows that I used to be a telephonist once. My daughter saw an angel. She woke up to see a shining figure standing at the bottom of the bed. Then it walked around to the side. She nudged her husband woke him up. He jumped out of bed right through the angel.
    PS I think "heroin" should be "heroine" There's a big difference love Val

  10. Hello Val, thank you for picking me up on that error, there is a lot of difference. xxx

    Blessings to all, I hope I hear more angels experiences.

  11. Hi Crystal Mary,
    Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation? Heb 1:14

    I wonder how many times an angel has protected me or kept me from doing somethng? How many times has one ministered to me at a certain time? Thank you for sharing and God bless,

  12. Good morning Crystal Mary,

    I pray you will not retire to bed feeling sad and lonely.

    Sometimes we do miss the gentle nudges from the Lord. I know, and often I need a great big 'shove'.

    I can testify to the help we receive from angels. Perhaps I will blog about it sometime...

    Surely, Goodness and Mercy shall follow you... is such comfort!

    Happy Thursday!

    Blessings, Kerrie xOx

  13. Beautiful post... I definitely believe in angels. In fact, I have a Christmas collection --and they are very special, all of them..

    Sometimes the 'angels' talk to us and we don't listen... We need to take time to STOP and be QUIET and LISTEN...



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