Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting There as a New Author

Many of you are aware of my new life as an author..
Well, its not easy, and I have been lazy.
So what does that mean?
Well I am suppose to be out there and in everyone's face to sell my book.
How hard is that you may say? Well,for me, it is.
I prefer to let it sell itself.
Yet how can it, if people don't know about it? Those of you who are closest to me, do know. I have it on Facebook and I have an Author Blog, and a website.

I am not the worlds best writer, neither have I the greatest imagination nor am I able to come up with the most vivid descriptions that spellbind!
 When I was a child and then later a teenager in school, my report always read.
"Crystal could do a lot better if she applied herself."
I hated my mother reading those words as I always felt I did do my best. Mum usually said nothing and just looked at me for ages.
Parents are great at speaking a million words, with just one strong gaze.
Many many years later at University, I did an excellent assignment presentation in front of  my class.
My professor smiled when I was finished and congratulated me on what she said, was a perfect job.
Then, I was told my mark was to be, 18/20. BECAUSE, there was no such thing as a perfect mark? What?
However, at the completion of my Post Graduate in Mental Health, I was given the perfect score of 7/7.
How I would have loved my mother to see that.
Even though mum is still with me, and lately turned ninety four, I have never told her.
Somehow, its just not important any more.
                           Mum pictured at "The Abbey." that overlooks a garden with St Francis of Assi and his animals.

What has been important was my writing a published book. For this was... my mothers own dream.
Mum worked almost all of her life and has done much for her five children.
Yet her one desire of becoming a journalist or author never came to fruition.
When I told her I would write a book, she was over the moon and gave every encouragement.
Then she would phone me to ask, "is it finished yet?"
Then, "when will I see it?"

Now she has that promised work proudly at her bedside.
Since she is legally blind and unable to read, she relies on someone to do this for her, one chapter at a time.
 Her question to me now is, "is it selling?  How many have been sold?"
She may be in her nineties, but I can't keep up with her.

Since I do now have a special Blog for the book I would so love you to venture there and leave your Mark.
Even if you have already read the book, I would love you to visit, if only for once.   
And thank you for being my friends...
I have a world full of Blogging mates I have never met in person but still hold dear to my heart.
God Bless you all.


  1. How wonderful. I love your mom just through reading your words about her. I'm headed over to your other blog right now, my friend. Hugs and blessings to you!

  2. What a poignant post. I'm so glad you made your mother's dream come true. I can feel how proud she is of you. Well done :-)

  3. Hi There, I understand how hard it is for us to 'sell ourselves'... Especially if we are fairly shy, it's not easy getting out there and 'promoting ourselves'... But--that's obviously what one needs to do when wanting others to buy something of ours. Good Luck to you.. I know that it's not easy... I would want my book to sell itself also.

    One of my friends wrote a book recently --and one way she has been promoting it is by book signings at local bookstores. Have you done anything like that????

    Good Luck... I'm sure you will continue to do well.

    1. Thank you for the tips Betsy, I have to do this yet and will. xxx

  4. How wonderful to share the writing dream, and reality with your mum!! Am popping over to other blog right away! :)

    1. It sure is Dottie, I have always been close to my mum.x

  5. Dear Crystal, . . . how wonderful that your mother's dream has been fulfilled in you. And how wonderful, also, that she is enjoying your work one chapter at a time. She can savor the joy of it all.


  6. Hi Crystal Mary,
    I think you are great, did you know that? :)

    I forgot to tell you I did finally receive the book and I have read it and am waiting for the sequel. I think you have done a wonderful job on it and I know you mum must be very proud, what an amazing daughter you are.

    I am going over to your book blog now.


    1. Hello C Of G. I didn't know that and I'm not that great. xx

  7. I can only imagine how exciting it is to be an author. I was honored to go to a book signing for the book "The magic Room" by the author Jeff Zaslow. Mr. Zaslow was tragically killed in a car accident soon after the book signing. My niece Courtney and dear friend Sue, who is my back road wandering buddy, are featured in the book. I am heading over right now to your book blog. :)

    1. How sad that that man was killed so suddenly. We never know how life will work out..He sounds like a wonderful person. xx

  8. Hello Dee, How sad that this man lost his life so suddenly.. Blessings to you.x

  9. Hello Crystal Mary,

    Lovely to read about your Mum, her outlook from her window sounds wonderful. Her outlook on life, sounds good too. May God bless the words you have written and are yet to write. Going to go over to your other site now.

    God Bless - Nita

  10. Thank you Nita, Yes she has a lovely view from her window and rejoices in it all. xx

  11. Replies
    1. Thank you Nicole, she is a sweet lady... Not perfect, yet none of us are.. She cares for her children and has done it alone since she was young. Only someone who has walked her shoes would understand, she has not had it easy.

  12. Crystal, just wanted you to know that I just today got your book for my kindle. I can't download books because I don't have a wireless connection. However, I was at a meeting with one of our sisters and she went over to her office at the lunch break and downloaded it for me. Can't wait to begin reading it!

    In regard to publishing, I have tried numerous times to get some of my poetry published. I've sent poems to various magazines and only once had one published. Most of the time you have to send ones that are not being considered elsewhere. That pretty much ties them up because most of the time you don't hear back from the magazine. We've published two volumes of them on our website and I have a third volume that can be published there. We've also been using them as reflections in our e-newsletter that comes out twice a month and I occasionally use one on my blog. All of that get some response because most of them are really prayers and people will sometimes say that a particular poem came to them at just the time when they needed it. That's enough for me!

    1. Hello Sr Ann Marie, I know poetry is very hard to get published.What I would do if I were you is go to a library or a bookshop and take a look inside a few published poetry editions. See who the publishers are, and approach them. We have an aboriginal lady in Australia and I don't recall her name, but her inspirational poems have been published. Also, in the U.S. you will have heard of Helen Steiner Rice, she has done very well.I pray this helps you. Thank you for buying my book, I am very honoured. Bless you. xxx

  13. Hi Crystal,
    I would love to tell you that your mother is a real blessing in your life.
    I know that because I lost my dear mom when she was 60, and I was 32.
    Now, I am 58, and I still love my dear mom and miss her a great deal.
    Your dear mom has done a superb job on you, by encouraging your dreams to come true. One thing that is so important, I think, is to read your book to her. Since she is blind, she won't be able to do it on her own. I am sure your sweet mother is very happy when someone or even you read one of your chapters at a time for her. It's a rewarding feeling to become an author. I have that kind of feeling inside my heart of hearts, because I am a poet and song-writer, and all I wish to do is to fulfill my dreams of becoming a published author with my poems and songs. I also know that you have been working very hard to achieve your dream. I say Bravo for Crystal!! You are an amazing writer, and an amazing friend, Crystal. You have done it, you have made it, my friend!! God keeps blessing you with amazing blessings on your way, Crystal dear!!
    All the best always,
    Poet & Song-Writer Starry Dawn.

    1. Hello Starry, Bless you for your encouragement. Yes it is not easy to get work written just right and published. However, once you get over the first hurdle and learn some of the ropes, it does become easier..Love to you friend. Crystal xx

  14. Hi Crystal,
    I would love to add a few more words in this comment.
    Happy Easter to you, Crystal, and to all those you love!!
    Have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones, Crystal!!
    What you can also do as a writer is to write down all your ideas -as outlines, in a notebook. Have a notebook and a pen handy at all times, even when you go outside, so that you may register all your ideas immediately -as they appear in your mind. That is exactly what I do, and my notebooks are filled with stories, tales, poems, songs, lyrics, random thoughts, essays, articles, and so forth... The idea of selling, well, I may say that I am just too shy to do it on my own. I guess I would need someone to represent me. You can do that too. Try to get someone who may represent you on your behalf, so that you'll be more at ease with your time, and spend more time concentrated in writing your new stories...
    Well, that is an idea... God keeps blessing you, Crystal!!
    Big Warm Hugs,
    Poet & Song-Writer Starry Dawn.

    1. I am actually meeting with a friend today who has many idea's for me. I just don't like being pushy OR appearing to take the credit for what God has done through me. I am nothing without HIM.xxxx

  15. Hello Crystal Mary.
    Sorry about the long time between visits, you know why. I read this post a little time ago and am sure I posted a comment, I don't see it now though. Oh well, such is life. All the comments above are pretty much how I feel about your mother too but I would just like to add; I value your friendship immensely, even though we have never met.
    Bless you my Ausie friend, Geoff.


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