Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Australia

I was born at Paddington Royal Hospital for Women, in view of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Sydney is the capitol of New South Wales, the state I grew up in.
I have always had a strong love for Sydney harbour and that wonderful iconic bridge that spans its waters.  

The Sydney Harbour Bridge crosses the harbour at its narrowest point between Dawes Point and Milsons Point.
It is a double-hinged, riveted steel arch bridge.
It has a reinforced concrete deck and reinforced concrete pylons.
On its completion in 1932, it was considered the essence of modern bridge design and engineering

At different times of day, the bridge becomes almost magical.

Many enjoy to take the three and a half hour climb of the bridge for a great view of the harbour and city.

My daughter Femia and her husband David enjoyed their climb a few years ago. 
    "The earth belongs to the Lord, and everything in it -- 
      the world and all its people."
     Psalm 24:1


  1. What beautiful views! Truly splendid. I've seen that bridge in pictures and thought it would be a fun thing to climb it, dislike of heights would keep me from it. Bravo to your daughter and son in law for doing it!

    1. I like to feel safe also when looking at something. I'd rather see this sight through a camera lens.

  2. I would agree "magical" is the word to describe this bridge

  3. Beautiful pictures! There is a spot in Vancouver that looks similar to these pictures.

    I totally love the bridge and your daughter and her husband. Looks like a fun hike.


  4. What a wonderful bridge. To think of it's history and your birthplace being so near. The special sky effects and the lighting is really great.

    1. Yes, its great to be that close to its history. My father actually worked on it some.

  5. Beautiful pictures of your harbor and bridges... GORGEOUS!!!!! AND --you have a beautiful daughter... I'm sure you know that!!!!

    Thanks for sharing... I'd love to climb up to the top of that bridge... Awesome.

    1. I believe you would climb this Betsy, I can see you, your so fit and agile.

  6. I loved your photos - you live in such a pretty place - I really loved numbers 3 and 4. Sandie

    1. Its amazing to view in person. I love it at night when its all lit up.

  7. Beautiful photographs. I especially love the first one of the aerial view and the one of your daughter and son-in-law on the bridge climb. You wouldn't get me up there for all the rice in China!

  8. Dear Crystal Mary,
    Wonderful photographs! I'm so glad you visited my blog and that now I've found yours. I do so look forward to learning about Australia. I follow one other Australian blogger and I've already learned a lot about your birds.

    I'm wondering if the modern building to the left of the bridge and down water a bit--in your first photograph--is the symphony building that I've often seen in pictures of Australia.


    1. Lovely to greet you here also Dee.
      In the second photo you can see the Sydney Opera has the funny roof. Blessings


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