Monday, April 30, 2012


Who wants to wait for something?
I don't like to you?

When Ray asks me to do something, he wants it now.
Yet when I ask him, to do something for me, or come and eat, its Wait!
Sometimes I have to wait a few minutes, for him to come to the table. 
Or, wait days weeks and even months, when I want something done. 

Today is a now world.
When you pray, you want your answer now.
Then you pray for patience, again.....You want it Now! LOL

If God doesn't answer straight away, you think he has forgotten.
If it takes a long time for the answer to come, you feel abandoned.

The other day a man and his wife said they have been praying for a certain person for twenty years. Now thats a long time. 

Yet God tells us about Waiting.

Psalm 27:14
"Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD."

Psalm 40:1
"I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry."

Hebrews 6:15
"And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised."

Wait patiently, when it comes you will realise the value of waiting.


  1. That's one of the hardest things to learn, even for a reasonably patient guy like me.

  2. Patience is something I have always struggled with... I am not a very patient person... God is helping me with that ---but it's still hard...

    Thanks for a great post.

  3. Some things you just can't rush you know. It is all on God's timing. I struggle with patience, but I really do work on it. sandie

  4. I've just been meditating on "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." There are so many blessings in patience.

  5. A good word of truth. I'm especially impatient to see "answers" to prayer even though I know time means something different to God than it does to us.

  6. I'm terrible at waiting. Thank you for the post and the scriptures. Love God's Word!

  7. With my husband illness the past 12 years the Lord taught me how to wait. It was not an easy lesson to learn. I still wait. :)

    1. Oh Dee, I am so sorry. I join in prayer with you for your husband..Lord heal him, in Jesus name. Amen. xx

  8. Ahhh, waiting. The bible attaches hope, anticipation, and eagerness to it One verse means "a consistent response". There are always lessons to be learned in our time of waiting, and they usually have something to do with character development.

    I love that your posts are frequently a gentle reminder of of things I need to remember. xo

    1. Yes Susie I agree, character and humility develops when we wait.

  9. I think waiting helps us slow down. To hear God's voice and feel His nudge. Sometimes He wants us to act quickly, but I think in the waiting moments there is much of God, to fill the silence and still our hearts. He has a purpose for everything, even the waiting. xx

  10. Dear Crystal Mary, . . .I took April off from blogging, and so have missed all your April postings. But I'm glad that I returned today and found this one on waiting. That's what I'm doing right now--waiting to sell my home and to move back to Minnesota. (I posted about this today.) So thank you for the words of enlightenment with regard to the value of waiting.

    And thank you also for visiting my blog during April and leaving comments. Peace.

  11. Dear Crystal Mary, this is so true. Thanks for sharing. I ask the Lord to give me patience and wisdom. I am back at work full time but we are having a long week-end and I can't wait to finish your book. God bless.


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