Sunday, May 6, 2012

Surrender - Let God - Give In - Trust.

What do you care about the most?
What is the one thing, you would never want to give up?

I thought about this.
And I had to say, my children.
It would be the hardest thing ever, to give up, never, ever to see again, my children.

For a parent, this is probably the answer most will give.

Yet when you think and think about this you have to remember the sacrifice of Abraham.
He and Sarah, were in old age, one hundred years old, when Isaac was born.

They waited for so long.
And then, Abraham is told by God to sacrifice his son....give him back.
Not many of us could do that. I believe I would bargain my own life, for that of my child.

 In this song, we sing, I surrender all.
If we truly mean those words, then we should heed them.

It rang true for me.
Instead of stressing out about them, we should pray about them, and leave them with God.
He is more capable and more able, to care for them, better than we can.


  1. As you know, so easy to say, so hard to do, but you're right.

    1. Its real to me, so I had to write about it. Hug

  2. I agree - you can't really fix anything - but God knows best and I do leave them in his care. Love, sandie

    1. He sure does and I am stunned at His answers

  3. I agree whole heartily! I would bargain myself and do anything to keep harm away from my children. I also agree that we should pray for them and not stress out about them...this, though, I am doing but finding hard to not stress.

    Good word sister, thank you. :)

    1. Its hard to let go when you are a mother..yet sometimes we hinder. My 94 yr old mother still frets about my 76yr old brother...

  4. Dear Crystal, . . . I don't truly use the same vocabulary as you do to talk about spiritual matters. But I do believe in what AA says, that we need to let go and let God. I no longer believe in a personal God such as I learned about as a Catholic Christian. I do believe in the Oneness of All Creation, of which you and your children and myself and the cats with whom I live are a part. This Oneness unites all of us--past, present, and future. And I do pray to Oneness--to all those who have touched my life and whose lives I have touched.

    I have come to believe that a God by any other name would still be generous and loving.


    1. Hiya Dee, lovely to see you back. Much love C. xx

  5. Sometimes God asks the impossible of us and our lives can change in a great pain. Yet I have learned that just then He is the One who's very close to us. He carries us.


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