Tuesday, August 28, 2012

IT IS Supernatural - WATCH and Be Amazed !!!


  1. Hi Crystal
    Thank you for sharing this. I watched the whole program. It's all a warning that we need to take to heart. Our team watches Sid Roth, and take him seriously. After watching this, tonight I will ask God to really put a hedge of protection around me and my loved ones, and friends to be shielded from deception. We never know in what form it will come. We just really need to know what our priorities are - and that is really to be intimate with God so that we are not fooled by the counterfeit.


  2. Sid Roth always puts out such quality programs, and this is sobering. We need to guard not just our bodies, but our minds, as well. Thank you for putting this up-

  3. That was interesting...I do believe there will be a great important to stay in the word....keep our eyes and ears open...and not trust in any man.

  4. Hi Crystal Mary! I watched every second of this and took notes. I have to study some of the verses more. I agree with Lidia, Shelly and Dee. Thank you for sharing this, I am getting ready to have Clint listen to this. Thank you for sharing this! I hope you and Ray are doing well these days.



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