Friday, October 19, 2012

At Mackay Queensland, Australia

I am still here with my son Peter in Mackay, Queensland.
Thank you to those who have prayed for him. I have seen Gods hand at work many times since arriving.
Peter would not like me to tell exactly what his health problems have been.
However, let me share, how God has intervened.

Peter was almost out of one of his meds. he has been on this particular one for about a year. Since its one that has been repeated, I knew his doctor could just write him a script to pick up.

(God 1) "Not so," said the doctor.... "I want to know more about the reason for taking this before I do."
Okay then, I said to my son, phone the specialist, he has known you a long time, he will write it out for you.

(God 2) No, said this doctor also, "I want you to see another specialist, his name is Dr..... and my secretary will send you the day and time of your appointment with him."

(God 3) I began to I have not seen this happen before?? What is it about this medication??

(God 4) I felt led to look up the Contra Indications of the medication my son was taking!
I discovered, the major problem my son has been suffering from, and had to have a procedure to fix, was caused by this med! He has two other minor problems ALSO caused by the same tablets..
Okay.I would be going with him now to see this new specialist....and that med, would be changed pronto.

(God 5) As soon as we entered this new specialists office, I could clearly see a doctor who cares for his patients. We sat in a room much like a cafe... with tables and chairs, a radio playing softly, an urn with hot water, tea, coffee, biscuits and cake...for us to help ourselves to.  Even the receptionist was homely and sweet.
(God 6) The Doc arrived after being held up at the hospital a short time, and YES, after I explained the reason WHY,............ my sons meds were changed....
Hallelujah... The new meds are kicking in and Peter is beginning to be, his old joking happy self. 
Peter lives in a Paradise one of sixty bungalows spread over acres of land.
He is a stones throw from the beautiful Pacific ocean.

Last night we had a visitor (Possum)  come inside for some love and a feed.
I was terrified, but Peter took over.

 He has been cleared to return to work and can't wait to get back on the road.

 Peter works as a Coach Captain taking groups on tours and men out to work in our remote area mines.

Isaiah 65:24 The Lord says: 
“And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”
God Answers Prayer.


  1. We have a lot to be thankful for, Crystal, that we can be so well informed these days.
    So pleased for you that they have Peter's meds sorted.
    Love and Blessings.

  2. What fine news. God is good indeed, and your son is cleared to return to work. It looks like he may take his cute dog with him to work.

    1. Hello Terra, It is great news.. The little dog is Monty and mine. This pic was taken about 2 years ago. Peter wants a dog of his own again, once he is settled with the love of his life.

  3. Praising God for Peter's recovery and all is well. Love and Miss you, Rita

    1. Hello Rita, I miss everyone there also.. God is good.

  4. The Lord's hand of healing and mercy are all through this! So glad things have come to rights. You are a great mom~

  5. Hi Crystal Mary,
    I just love how God works! I am so happy to hear that Peter is doing better. Thank you GOD!


  6. Thank you for the update~ God always knows what is best! What a nice place to live, hope you enjoyed your visit once the stress was relieved.
    ~God Bless~

    1. Bless you. Yes I have begun walking morning and night again.

  7. I'm so happy things are looking up for Peter (and all those who love him)!

  8. Hi Crystal Mary,
    Praise God for Peter doing better. God is good.

  9. Im so glad that your son is better now. God is good:)

  10. A change in meds can change the person. It is good to read up on the side effects. Thank you for sharing your amazing story at "Tell me a Story."

  11. I'm so glad you found what was causing the problem, and that your son is well again. Praise God!

  12. Praise his Holy Name.. That is God working if ever I seen it..I am so glad he is getting better. Blessings, Susie

  13. Just goes to show that God stays involved in the lives of those that love Him.

  14. Dear Crystal, what a wonderfully joyous ending to this story of Peter and his ailment. You are the true gift here in that you thought to look up the medication. We all need a person like you in our lives. Peace.

    1. Thank you Dee.. I believe God placed it on my mind to do so. I wished I had before all the complications..

  15. I'm so thankfull you found what was causing the problem. I hope it is well with you and your son now. Lieve groet/big hug.

  16. Hi my dear precious friend Crystal Mary,
    I am so glad that you wrote to me and told me about this post.
    You are a wonderful mother who takes great care of all your children.
    I am glad to hear that your son, Peter is doing much better with his health issues. You see, we must trust God with all our hearts.
    Then, He will take good care of us, the children of God.
    I love the scenery in your corner of the world.
    The beach got a breathtaking beauty, and Peter's home is lovely.
    You ought to visit your son more often, Crystal.
    I am sure Peter will always love your company.
    Thank you so much for posting your heartfelt comments in my blogs!
    Thank you also for your kind Emails, my dear friend Crystal!
    God may always bless you, and those you love!
    All the Best,
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  17. God was answering prayers...thankfully he is off those never knows...He sure has a cute place to live. :)

  18. I love reading testimonies of the way God rescues us as well as a mother's love to help! Praising God with you for this!

  19. God is answering prayers for you...nice the meds are working and he can go back to work

  20. Dear friend, I thought I had left a message on this post some time back but don't see it. I love how the Lord is answering prayer and how he has taken care of your son. He lives in a beautiful place and is blessed to have such a loving mother. God bless you my friend.

  21. Isn't it scary sometimes to think about the meds that are supposed to be helping sometimes are hurting. Grand daughter was switched to a well known and long on the market asthma medication that after only 2 months began to take on the moon-face steroid use appearance. Seems as if the med can overstimulate the adrenal system giving a Cushings syndrome. Much better now. It looks like your son lives in paradise.

  22. Hi mate, that is horrible about your granddaughter. Hope you got that sorted out! Yes, Peter lives in a beautiful place. He is surrounded by Cane Plantations.

  23. I will keep your family in play. The Lord will work everything out. I pray he will give you strength so you can endure this journey.


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