Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Sisters-In-Christ

I am home again and Peter is back at full time work.
Thank you all so much for your prayers...they mean more than I can say.

It was a long long trip back home, through many sugar cane plantations and past road repairs.
The worst thing was the burn-off's ... This is when the cane is burnt and thick smoke stifles your breath and clouds your view.

It took a day and a half to get home. Then after a good rest, some house cleaning and washing I was off again to meet with old friends.
The three of them flew up from Sydney to meet me at Mooloolaba (mid Sunshine Coast).
I have know them from forty four to almost fifty years.  A long time, yet this is the first time in many years, we have come together.
What a joy! Only for three nights but every minute was a thrill.

An Aerial View....of where we stayed.
I have draw around the complex and put an X on our suite.

My friends live in New South Wales, where I came from originally.....they all called this paradise.
(I believe Heaven will be a thousand times nicer.)
The waters of the Pacific ocean are a clear Blue/Green and absolutely brilliant.
The view from our balcony.  Fresh sea air blew in through the sliding doors so there was no need for the air-con.  Waves crashing on the beach soon put all us weary chooks to sleep at night.

Below left: Me, Angelina (my Godmother) and Janette (my Cousin).    Kathleen took the photo.

We are here waiting on a bus to take us to the next town. In younger years we would have walked, it was only about two miles.
I was contemplating dying my hair back to the original blond, we are vain creatures aren't we.
But Ray likes it natural, so here I am.

This is Kathleen... her sister was my sister-in-law, and both were as my own sisters. Our children all grew up very closely together. My children call her Zia Kathy... (Italian for Auntie).

I loved our time together..
How sweet is friendship!

The best part of all is, they are my sisters-in-Christ.
May the Lord richly Bless them and their families always.

Romans 12:10  
"Love one another with sisterly/brotherly affection. 
Out do one another in showing honor."


  1. So beautiful as you write about them. Friendships and family, we must cherish. I think you hair is very beautiful, your husband is right! It is natural and gives your face and skin something beautiful that fits with a sweetheart like you

  2. Your reunion sounds like such a wonderful time! So glad you made it home safe and sound and that you have recovered from your journey. Hugs. xx

    1. I am still a bit tired. Life is very quiet. xx

  3. It is lovely to be away, and always lovely to be home again too, especially knowing your son is back at work.
    What a precious time with friends, and even more precious that they are sisters in Christ.

  4. So glad you took the time to get away with your friends. What a special treat for you, especially after your struggles!!!

  5. It is a wonderful blessing to have long time friends like that you are still connected to and can get away with to such a lovely place! Glad you are home and Peter is doing better.

  6. You are Bee-autifull!
    i tried to do for my mother what you did for your son, but my siblings refused to even investigate and the Dr. listened to thier wishes... i'm the "baby" of the family...what do i know???
    So i pray each day for God to work through it all and try to remind my mother who she is in Jesus. The meds have been erasing little bits of her life for a long time now.

    Bless you for taking such good care of your son..
    Thanks for sharing your trials and comforts with us. How lovely it is to have such good friends to find refuge with.

  7. Dear Crystal, one of the wonders of getting older is that our friendships get older also. At first we've known a person only two years, then five, then fifteen, and now you've known someone for fifty.

    I, too, have friends whom I've known for many years. One of them--Deborah--is coming to visit in December. She and I have known one another since we were in college together in 1954. So that's 58 years. Having a long history with a person is a special gift from the Universe.

    You must have such good memories of your recent time together with your friends. A memory to warm your heart in the years ahead. Peace.

  8. I'm so glad and thankful your son is doing better and able to go back to work.. You write about it so beautiful.. I can just see it so plain. Bless you my friend, Susie

  9. What a wonderful time you had out there. I am happy for you:)

  10. Hi Crystal May,
    I am glad to hear Peter is well and back at work.
    You are a busy woman! How wonderful to spend time with dear friends and even so much better is you are sisters in Christ.

    I'm glad you had a good time, you sure do deserve it.


  11. I have lost a couple of my friends and I miss them so much when I see things like this - so are so lucky - and I am glad you have them and enjoyed your time. sandie

    1. Yes, friends especially long time ones, are the best.

  12. Hi Crystal May,

    Desejo uma semana de bênçãos de Deus.


  13. Always nice to spend time with people we enjoy.

  14. I smiled at the remark about your hair color. I've been letting mine go back natural, and am quite surprised at how little color it has! At first it was a shock to look in the mirror and find that the older lady looking back at me was ME!

    1. LOL... I am surprised to see myself like that. Ray loves it...My hair has changed colour with age gradually fading to white.

  15. How blessed you are to have such long time friends and the opportunity to spend time with them. And so glad your son is better and back to work. And I like your hair ~ you earned it! (: xo

    1. Lol bless you Susy.. I could always think my hair is platinum...that used to be fashionable.. LOL

  16. Hello Crystal Mary, I am so pleased that Peter is feeling better. It is a blessing from the Lord to have friends especially sisters in Christ. Also I agree with your husband, your hair is lovely as it is! lol x

  17. What a blessing to be able to spend time much to share with each other. :)

  18. I always feel very fuzzy inside whenever I get to spend time with people I really care about. You've been blessed to have this time with them.

  19. Hi Crystal, dear friend,
    It is indeed, wonderful to read about your friends and family.
    You look just great the way you are, Crystal.
    I am glad your son, Peter is doing well.
    He lives in a gorgeous place.
    I am also glad that you enjoy spending time with your dear
    old time friends.
    Thank you for writing back to me, my friend!
    God may bless you, Crystal, and those you love!
    All the Best,


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