Thursday, December 6, 2012

Australian Cockatoo's

There are thirteen different species of the Ozzie cockatoo.
I haven't got them all here.

I was awaken at five thirty with all the screaming and screeching from the Corella's

 There were hundreds.
Here are some in our backyard pine tree. How many can you count?

And on some power lines.

Black Cockatoo's- Carnaby

The Gang Gang

                                                                   The Red tailed

                                                               The Palm

                                                           The Yellow Tailed
                                                      The silver crested White

                                                          The Major Mitchell
                                                                   The Galah.

                                                                  Rainbow Lorakeet
                    And again.
They look pretty but their beaks are destructive.
They cause a lot of havoc to farmers.

                                                      Fruit Nets to protect from hail and birds.

Many farmers roam their crops all day firing off guns to chase the birds away.
Our own Mango tree is currently full of unripen fruit..
It won't be long before it will be ripe enough for the birds to fly in and feed.
So much is wasted as they take bites out of each piece at random.
Hopefully we will still get plenty to share around with family and friends.


  1. Wow! Those are big beautiful birds but I'm sure they also make a big sound. Multiplied by many, that would be very loud. I hope you are able to get some rest ;-)

  2. That is an amazing variety of birds! I am envious.

  3. I think I counted 8 birds in your tree. These birds are beautiful and there are so many different colours!

    I hope you get to enjoy your mangoes.


  4. They're so pretty, it's a shame they're so destructive.

  5. That must be something, to see such beautiful birds in the wild. I hope, though, that they will leave you some fruit to enjoy yourselves!

  6. They really must be so noisy but how wonderful to see such birds as this in the wild! Hugs xx

  7. They are beautiful creatures though. Love lookingat them:)

  8. Hi Crystal,
    Oh! Amazing colourful birds you have got over there!
    I love birds too!
    I hope you get to eat your mangoes.
    I eat plenty of veggies and fruits.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful world, my friend!
    Thank you for sending me the amazing video with a
    special bird feeding a cat and a dog!
    I am sure the three of them must have known each other
    since early stages of their lives.
    Otherwise, that lovely behaviour would not happen.
    I think the bird is the boss, and the cat and dog follow...
    Amazing video! I just adore animals, Crystal.
    I truly enjoy viewing your wonderful blog, my friend.
    God may touch your life with many blessings,
    and love may always abound everywhere around you!
    Warm Hugs,
    Poet Starry.

  9. Hi Crystal,

    I think my favourite is the Galah (sp)

  10. Wow, I love the Australian birds :-) Very nice.

  11. Those are very beautiful birds. It's a shame they destroy so much.. Blessings to you my dear friend.

  12. My daughter once owned a Cockatiel a relative of your cockatoo. His cage had been placed on the back porch to get some fresh air and Our dog opened the cage door with her nose and Joey escaped. We could hear him beep in the trees, but we were not able to coax him down to get back in his cage. It is sad these birds do not enjoy the entire fruit, but only take choice bites here and there. Hope you can protect your Mangos. Thanks for sharing at Tell Me a Story.

  13. I am ready to move right now....bird heaven!!!!! Frank and I had a cockatiel named Francis that we loved dearly. She was smart and well loved. I can not imagine how fun it is to live where you live.

  14. It's so hard to see the beauty and know the ugly. To deal with the constant changes in your home area and what you and others are going through with the noise and the battlement from the birds. Would be so hard for most of us to truly understand, even though we dealt with some of this in Uganda. Not nearly as much as you do, though.

    The photos are "loverly"... the stories shared are reality.

    Bless you and yours ... as you do all needful for you and yours.

  15. DEar Crystal, nature is awe-inspring in its variations. All those beautiful cockatoos--all colors and crests. Thank you for these gorgeous photographs and also for showing us how the farmers try to fend them off. The truth for me has always been that everything has a flip side. They is good in all and yet there is not-go-good. And so we have the beauty of the cockatoo next to their destroying crops. Somehow all of us need to find balance with life and your posting today just shows us another instance of this. I'm glad the farmers aren't shooting the birds and are just firing shoots to warn them off. Here in the US, many farmers kill the wolves out in Montana and Wyoming. And that breaks my heart. Peace.

  16. Crystal, Harold so enjoys your down under pics. He so loved all the time he spent there.

    TY for your sweet words of support ... they mean a lot.

    TTFN ~
    Merry Christmas

  17. these are amazing photos of amazing birds. i had not thought about how destructive they can be. we have squirrels here that take one bite out of each avocado and out of each grapefruit. they ruin the fruit just like these birds do.
    Merry Christmas


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