Friday, February 8, 2013

Forgive Me Please.

My heart aches with all the sadness in this world.
And I believe, worse still, are the people who deliberately choose to do evil.
I recently received an email from someone who sincerely believed its contents.
It was horrible, with many burnt dead bodies strewn about.
The gist behind this email was that Muslims were killing Christians.
I pondered whether I should send it on.
I was going to delete it. It made me sick to my stomach.
Then without praying about it first, I sent the horrid thing to my friends.
I played right into satans hands.

How often do we all do things that later we regret.
Yes, I have prayed now, ..... "Lord forgive me"..
Yet I still wonder, how many hearts did I hurt by sending it on?
 If you were one who received this email from me, then I am sincerely sorry.

From across the world, from me to you, please know in my heart, I would never intentionally harm you.


  1. Well I've done plenty of daft things. I didn't get the email but I know you'd never do anything to upset anybody. Don't beat yourself up over it. xOx

  2. I am not sure why you think this was bad.

  3. Muslims murder Christians every day, Crystal. Even if the scene was mis-labeled, it was realistic, even if not precisely correct.

  4. I never received one but don't feel hurt about it . You'd never intentionaly do it..Don't worry about it... God knows your heart.

  5. I only received your email with an apology for sending it on.

    Don't be so hard on yourself hon. We all get taken for a loop. I too have sent on hoax's not realizing they were a hoax. I now search it up on snopes to see if it is true or not. My children taught me that one.

    Hugs sister, I love you lots.

  6. No problem, CM. I've made the same mistake more than once. Usually I no longer send things on unless I know about them first hand. This time I did. I sent another email to my friends telling them all it was a hoax but asking them to pray anyway for the Nigerian Christians are indeed persecuted. Hugs. xx

  7. We all made mistakes dear, but your intention was not to hurt others. God understands and forgives.

  8. I received your email and I can tell you Satan had no victory over it. Instead, I was reminded of your beautiful heart, of people world-wide who need our prayers, and the power of God as He uses His people to share His love. Don't beat yourself up, dear Crystal. You have a soft heart and this makes God glad. xx

  9. Hi Crystal,

    I didn't receive your email no. Think we all have to think about what we are passing on at the moment. Satan is trying in so many ways to trip us all up, but I take comfort in the fact that I/we already have the victory in Christ.

    God Bless all you do in His Name, Hugs Nita xx

  10. Mistakes are made to remind us that we are human yet loved enough to be given a chance to make things right. No harm done :)

  11. I rarely send things not be hard on yourself..people understand and so does God.

  12. Dear Crystal, I suspect this happens to all of us at times. Please be gracious to yourself and trust the Universe to bring good out of that one episode in your long life. Peace.

  13. Dear Crystal,
    Do not worry! You did not offend me with the email with the sad information.
    I believe, just like the Scriptures said, that we are in The Last Days...
    In fact, it is good that you send out news about the world to your blogger's friends,
    and the people you may know personally. We should inform and pass on information
    that may help others to know what is going on worldwide.
    It is part of being a Christian to do good deeds in our lives, to give a helping hand
    to others in need, and so on. To listen to the ones who are hurt is also a blessing.
    You are a super friend, Crystal. I wish Happy Valentine's Day to you, Ray, your family,
    and all your beloved ones!! Have a blessed time always, my dear friend!
    Warm Hugs & Much Love,
    Poet Starry.

  14. Hi Crystal, thinking of you, dont be upset about that. What are you doing for Valentine's day? God bless x


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