Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Majestic is the Lord!

How great is our God...
This morning my heart was heavy with sadness.
I had discovered a discrepancy in something I had considered truth, and now felt let down.
During a long drive to pick up some of my books, I talked about my grief to the Lord.
Who better??

Then on my return to my town I decided to go to a different church, from the one I attend.
I wanted quiet time.
I wanted to pray and feel close to the Lord.

As you will note, I never make a recognition of belonging to any particular church.
My reason for this is because as a Child of God, I accept all who worship, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I don't believe in putting a label on that.

Anyhow, on entering the church, a funeral was in procession.
Thank God it is a large church because I wasn't dressed somberly.
In fact I was wearing colorful hippy garb...
I worshiped along with those present, and sang along with the hymns.
Then I noticed the Salvation Army were leading the music, yet this was not their church.
I was surprised, yet thrilled to see two different Christian denominations sharing together.

I waited for the family and friends to exit before I got up to go.
Outside on the footpath, was a lady Salvation (Sally) Officer.
I felt to approach her and tell her how thrill I was to see the both faith's together in harmony.
What a surprise was in store for me!!!
I didn't recognize her face, but her name displayed on her name tag, was that of an acquaintance.

What an amazing thing to happen!! Or rather, how great is our God!!
My mother sent me this lady's story, and what a STORY it is, while I was living in Tennessee.
Mum phoned me, full of excitement, she had purchased the book and was so amazed by it, she bought it to share with me.
The Special Lady's name is Major Joyce Harmer, and she is now a retired Sally Officer.
I read about her life and then sent her an email, to say how much I enjoyed it.
She responded by a phone call in return, from Sydney, Australia to TN, U.S.A..
Today I met Major Joyce in person.
And she is every bit the ANGEL I expected her to be.

I highly recommend her book, and part of the sales go back to the Salvation Army to help others.

Where to buy this book:

Another amazing thing... I used to live in Sydney, and now live in Gympie, Queensland.
Major Joyce now lives in Sydney, but originally comes from Gympie.
She was also a registered nurse..
And in all the places to meet her, it was in a totally different denomination..

Working in Sydney Courts and accompanying a woman charged with murdering her children.

Sign Posts... Give directions...
If you want a SIGN POST to Jesus, read your Bible. Don't just keep it for show.
And read of Major Joyce Harmers travels, through a life of serving God and others.


  1. It's always amazing and wonderful to me how our God works in mysterious ways to knit things together.
    She sounds like an amazing woman and I would love to read her story some day. Hugs. xx

  2. What a nice story.yes, with God in our lives, there will be no dull story, but remarkable and inspiring.
    I am happy for you both:)

  3. Hi Crystal,

    I have often wondered at the mysterious ways Our Lord, works his wonders to perform.

    God Bless - Nita

  4. God was surely blessing you that day. Spread the good news. God is Good!

  5. Now that was a God encounter if ever I've heard of one. It wouldn't surprise me if this is just the first of more encounters between the two of you.

    I hope your heart is at peace, my friend- praying for you.

  6. That is an amazing turn of events! There is no such thing as a coincidence for a child of the living God...He directs our paths, we only need to listen and obey His directions.

  7. A small world with a very good God. It is a wonderful meeting for the two of you.

  8. I think there are so many unsung women heroes!

  9. I like this story. Thanks for telling it!

  10. Hi Crystal Mary,
    This is awesome!!

  11. Wow... what a God moment. That gave me goose bumps! Indeed, what an angel to work within the courts, and to take time to ring you all the way across the world like that! I'm so impressed.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Crystal Mary. xx

  12. Dear Crystal, this certainly was a "God wink"--an expression from a book someone sent me. It's about how our lives intertwine. And yours certainly has with Major Joyce Harmer. Peace.

  13. I love your story and thank you for sharing. I recently heard a non-christian writer friend tell me she didn't like reading Christian Fiction because there were too many "coincidences" in them. I had to smile at that because my husband and I agreed many years ago that was a "naughty" word for us. When we have handed over control of our lives through Jesus to our loving Heavenly Father, there is simply no such thing as mere "coincidences" as such in our lives. They are awesome God incidents!


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