Saturday, August 3, 2013

Family are More Prescious than Silver or Gold.

The expression, It Never Rains But It Pours, has been my life for weeks now.
First I got extremely ill. But praise God I am now feeling much better.
Then I was informed by my darling niece of my mothers demise (end stage).
So working out when I could take time from Bible College I booked my plane ticket to go to her.
Next my son Peter kept phoning me that he didn't feel well.
He had an abscessed tooth and was working far out, in the outback mines.
This was a difficult situation because of no medical help there.
Next he rang me the night of his five days leave.
"Mum I'm really sick, my body is still on fire and I vomited again this morning, I can hardly stand up."
Well, I live hundreds of miles from him, so I had to think quickly.
I knew it would be hard for him to drive himself to the local hospital in the state he was in, and yet
I knew that's what he had to do.
If he was to phone our emergency number of 000 (911 US) he would likely be categorized as a 4 out of 5 patient, and non urgent. This would mean waiting possibly hours for availability.

So I told him to drive himself to the hospital emergency, ASAP.
He was admitted to the intensive care unit on entry, with a dangerous life threatening illness. 
                                                                   Son Peter
Now I needed to be with my son. So I booked a flight to where he resided in far north Queensland and flew out to be with him.  To all I probably looked like I had my act together, but believe me, at the time I was a mess emotionally.
Thankfully after ten days, he is now out of danger and back at home. I praise God for the many prayers sent up on his behalf.  I know God loves him and will care for and protect him.

Then it was time to take off again and fly down to be with my mother.
My daughter Daniella was my support here, as she came with me.

I love the way she dresses and took this picture at the airport before we flew out.  

She was a rock of support to both myself and my mother. I felt like I was in  a dream the whole time I was away... But Daniella, drove us where we had to go in our rental car and organised myself and my mother most of the time. I don't know how I would have done it without her. I seemed to be still in shock from the scare about my son Peter.

Life is strange. My poor little mum is ninety five years and so feeble now. Yet I never ever think of her like this. To me she is the beautiful lady who dressed appropriately, spoke gently and was always in control of every situation. She has never smoked, drank alcohol, gambled or shamed herself in public. She is a godly woman and will always be, the queen of my heart. 

From left to right. Me, Mum and my brother, with my two sisters behind. My elder brother was absent.

Proverbs 1:8-9 Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck.


  1. When you mentioned your mother's "demise,"I thought you meant she'd passed away, but I'm happy for you that isn't the case.I'm glad things are better for now. I'm going to continue praying for you all. Bless you.

    1. Well, I was led to believe she was in her final stages and ready to leave this earth. I live so far from her and prayed and prayed I would get there in time. However, even though she is wanting to go, she could linger for a while. That is in the Lords hands. I am glad I listened to my niece and went to be with her.
      Now I feel much closer to her and she told me she will keep on thinking I am there.

  2. I like Gorges though you meant your mother passed and I too am happy that isn't the case. It sounds like you've had an awful lot to deal with. I pray it settles down soon. Hugs. xx

    1. Hi Mate. Yes, I was led to believe if I didn't get t her, seeing would be gone without my seeing her again.I almost panicked over than.

  3. Replies
    1. I feel a mess Ian. But I can phone mum every day to check on her.

  4. Hi, yes I thought the same as your other friends when I read demise, pleased that was not the case. Pleased also that your son is out of danger and that you too are feeling much better. I have been feeling a bit like it never rains but it pours. However we are having beautiful summer weather at the moment and I must look to God and have more faith. Blessings

    1. Its times like this that you hate to live so far off. But mum didn't wish to live where I am, she is closer in distance to my elder sister. I feel I am sitting on the edge of something, waiting to fall off. I believe this is the time I can just leave my loved ones in Gods care as he does a better job than I ever could.

  5. I'm so thankful all has worked out and healing is manifest. I've been praying for you all. Your mom is beautiful- what a treasure she is!

    1. Thank you Shelly, there is no one in the world like your mother.

  6. Hi sweet dearest Crystal,
    I let you know that I have been thinking of you,
    praying for you and your dear family.
    It breaks my heart to read these words about your
    dear mom that she is feeble at this stage.
    We won't ever be ready to see our mom go.
    I know it because I lost my dear mom when I was 32.
    My dearest mom was only 60 years old, almost my age now.
    At that point, I thought I would just die...
    But, I went on living thanks my only baby daughter
    that I would have to take care of...
    Mothers are unreplaceable, for they are so unique.
    Your mom is a beautiful lady, and a golden treasure
    in your life. She has been a real blessing to you,
    since you had your mom all this time for 95 years...
    About your dear son Peter, I'll keep him in my daily
    prayers. I am glad to know he is much better now.
    I love the way your daughter Daniella carries herself
    with a gorgeous outfit.
    I also love the way you share your world with us.
    Perhaps, you will never know how many souls and hearts
    you have already touched with your words of wisdom.
    Crystal, you are a super friend. We all love you!
    I'll keep you and your dear family in my thoughts
    and prayers. God may bless you all!
    Blessings and Prayers,
    Warm Hugs too from Starry.

    1. You have my prayers also dear Starry. I'm sorry you have been without your mother for so long. I also know my heart will break when my mother gets called home. She wants to go and is ready, so I pray her passing will be peaceful. Much love to you. Crystal xx

  7. I was relieved to hear that everything is ok now with you and your son and your mother got the help she needed.
    You have a beautiful family, but it is really difficult to be far away from them. I can relate to that. ANyway, God is on both sides no matter where we are. That helps a lot!

    1. You are so right Joy... I don't know what I would do without my faith. Its my strength. xx

  8. Bless your heart Dear Crystal. I have been praying for your family and you. I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing better.. Take care of yourself to and get some much needed rest. Stress can do one in quicker than anything. Hugs, love and many prayers..

    1. Oh Susie, sometimes you feel overwhelmed with the load. I pray all gets better from now on. Bless you. xx

  9. You know we are promised our load will never be larger than what we can carry. I sometimes wonder just how much does He really think I can carry. Then I think of the weight of the Cross and realize my load is light.
    I am so thankful your son is better, what a scare. There are times we feel so impotent. It is then that we are struck to our knees in front of the only one who can make it better.
    I am also thankful you made it down to see your mother. Mine has been gone for two years now. One week before her 90th birthday. I do not care how old you are, a girl always needs her mom.
    I began a knitting project yesterday that has your name on it. Hope I found the right color. I will send you postage info later.

    1. Yes, you always need your mum, so right... looking forward to my project. xxx

  10. Also glad you yourself are feeling better. Don't let the worry about others make you take a nosedive back into bad health.

  11. Hello - I am glad you still have your mom and I know that you are taking good care of her. And our kids will miss us one day too. sandie

  12. You've been through much...hope things go your way now for a while.

  13. have had so much thrown against you these past months....I am glad your son is better and that you still have your mom. Neither of those are calls anyone wants to get...bless your heart.

    1. Thank you Dee. I am currently now trying to get on top of my Bible College work. xx

  14. What a blessing your family is...and you to them as well!
    I just adore your daughters style!
    My daughter Sam is a rock like that who holds evryone together and is a great helper to us as well...She thinks it's because she's the middle child, but I don't know.
    So happy to hear everything worked out well for you, and that you are feeling better now.
    Blessings and love~ Lisa

  15. So sorry to read about all this sickness. You must have felt pulled in every direction. I like the way Danielle dresses too!

  16. Hope you are feeling better by now. Here's another vote for liking the way Danielle dresses. Thanks for sharing such a personal time with us. Love and Blessings!


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