Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Amazing Creator God

I am sure many of you will read this and say, "is this woman daft or what!"
Yet others will nod their head and feel a quickening in their heart and understand right where I am coming from.
Yesterday I took a friend with me to see the movie, "Heaven is for Real." 
I had read the book yet hoped the movie would witness Jesus and the reality of Heaven to this lovely eighty year old lady.  Did it? I am not sure, as she would not be gently drawn into any discussion about it.

However, it did speak to me!  No about my faith to believe because I  am unshakable in that, but about Gods everlasting and enduring love.

It wasn't until almost at the end of the story, that the name of the Burpo's family church became apparent.  And then I began to cry as the Lord touched my heart.

At times we all feel like life is just too tough and we almost want to give up and stop breathing. Yet we cannot chose to shut off and shut down just because we feel overwhelmed.  Our life is in Gods hands, and only he can appoint the number of our days for residing on this earth.  
(Psalms 90:12.)

So what was the name of that Church? And why did it have a powerful effect on me?

First I have to tell you the background to this.
When I went to live in Tennessee I wanted a spiritual place to call home. I visited two great churches, yet didn't feel complete until I found CROSSROADS CHURCH. On that morning, before  my first visit, I opened my Bible at randon and read, 
"Trust in the Lord with with all thine heart, and lean not on your own understanding. But in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6.  

  ( I was sent this from my Crossroads family to remember them by..)

  As I entered the church that day, the first words I heard Pastor Jerry Poore say, were the ones above.. I believed this to be a sign and my heart rejoiced. I was where God wanted me to be.

After my husband Ray returned to Australia with me for the first time, he decided it was where we would retire. And three years later we did. For the first few months we became gypsies, wandering in a caravan all over this Island, Country and Continent. 

Finally we settled down in a country town amidst pinapple, mango and advocado plantations and began to seek a church to belong. There was nothing wrong with our first two choices, but I felt unsettled in my heart. Finally I prayed about my concern to God and told him I would leave it in my husband, Rays hands. 

We went nowhere for a few weeks and then Ray said, how about we try this other church known as the Wesleyan Methodist Church.  It wasn't a fancy building, in fact it was a huge shed, as many of the newer built churches in Australia now are. On our very first day there, many people approached after the service and welcomed us. One particular lady, (Pauline) who I have come to love dearly as my sister-in-Christ, invited me straight away to her Home Group. 

 (Presentation for Graduating from Bible College, at The Weslyan last year.)

So what has all this to do with the name of the church in the movie, "Heaven is for Real!"
Well, ...  I felt the love of the Lord in his guidance both times in my finding a spiritual home. 
And the name of the Burpo's Church was...
 Crossroads Weslyan Church.
The both names associated with the two churches I have been called to belong. 
Coincidence? I think not... Gods guiding hand? I believe so.. 
"The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps."  Proverbs 16:9


  1. This gave me chills, Crystal Mary. Tom and I finally went to see "Heaven is for Real" a few days ago. Here, I've been comfortable (but not complacent) in my beliefs ... but I was incredibly moved by this movie. Can't wait to read the book!!!
    I'm hoping your friend is just taking some time to absorb and will share her feelings at a later time.

  2. Thank you Myra, I pray she does also. When you read the book you will discover, as we often do, that it is far richer in content than the movie.. May God richly bless you.

  3. Nothing crazy about any of that, my friend. The Lord makes His will easily known sometimes, other times, He makes us dig for it. His reasons are His own.

    1. Yes, its so wonderful. It has been very encouraging.

  4. God doesn't make mistakes, God bless you!

    1. May the Lord bless you Sandie and keep you safe in His care. xxx

  5. Hi Crystal, how amazing indeed. Much love, be blessed. Nicky xxx

  6. You are not crazy. I love you and I love also this touching blog. Big hug from your Dutch friend.

    1. A big hug back from your Ozzie Sister-in-Christ. xxxxx

  7. Dear Crystal, as you know, I am not a person of deep faith. But I respect those whose faith is deep and broad and never-failing. A person such as you. I did read a book last year, which I think was called "God-winks." A friend asked me to read it because she wondered if I'd agree with it--that oftentimes things happen which seem like the hand of a benevolent Creator reaching out to us. And it does seem to me that "God-winks" happen as the Universe draws us forward into meaningful lives. And so, I believe that the name of that church, incorporating as it does the two churches that have meant so much to you, is a "God-wink." Peace.

    1. I feel strongly that this could be so..(Yes, likely God winked at me) Dearest Dee, I also feel the hurt inside you for what a certain church actions have led to your loss of faith... There are good and bad eggs in everything. In cultures and also in Religions, which are man made and cultivate liars that distort all of what God is about.... and that is LOVE. I love the Gospel of John, because I feel he was the closest to Jesus out of all of his disciples.. He was Jesus first cousin, the son of Salome, the sister of Mary, our Lords mother. Likely these two boys played together as little children, so John had a first hand eye view, of who Jesus was...
      I will not come under a church. I come under The Father, Son and Holy Spirit...I read the Bible for myself and allow the Holy Spirit to do the teaching..Yes I do attend a church BUT, I don't take everything I am taught there, as the total truth. Please read the Bible Book of John, and ask the Holy Spirit to open the truth to you. Jesus is, the lover of your soul and because he died for us, he deserves a listen. xxx

  8. That is such a STRONG message. Wow, the church name so meaningful to you. I hope you shared this story with the lady you took to the movie. As the song that we sing in our church says "it is amazing grace."

    1. Yes Terra, it sure is Amazing Grace. Yes I did share it with my friend.. xx

  9. This have me cold chills...a message from God for sure xxx.


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