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Chapter 1

Changing Times

Gone – Missing –Vanished – Lost

Newspaper headliners screamed out words of warning. Little did they realize their announcement meant nothing, because the person in question had disappeared of her own accord? 

 The fast world as Treasure knew it was now becoming the past; because from now on, life for her would be very different. It needed to be for she was tired. Tired of being paraded on show to people who only cared about themselves and how they looked. Tired of keeping up — false appearance.  She felt like a wilting flower, drooping from the constant glare of being stared at in the spotlight.

Many would wonder where the beautiful model known only by her first name, disappeared.  Society gossips would be busy making up assumptions and spreading rumors. Someone as well known and almost idolized as Treasure was could not drop out of circulation without a word, as it was incomprehensible. Had she left because of her aunt’s sudden illness?  Or run off with some handsome lothario. The media had a field day, conjuring up front page headlines that pillaged in the money from the sticky beaks.

Treasure’s name was linked with many available wealthy and not so wealthy playboys who delighted in escorting her to famous events, hoping she may fall under their seduction. None could understand how she kept herself free of commitment.  Treasure truly was a rarity in the fast society!   She was a rare gem, and uniquely unique as Aunt Primrose always said. Owing to this, her aunt would state, there was no reason for anyone, to know Treasure’s surname.                                                                                                                                                                           

“My niece doesn’t need another name, for she is a pearl darling; she is a special jewel of her kind and no one need know any more than that. Mystery and intrigue is our delightful Treasure.” 

Lady Kingsley had a way of speaking in a soft belligerent tone while raising an eyebrow, which signaled the end of conversation.  Should anyone dare to question further they suffered her long cold stare! And this meant, they would never get a second chance at any resemblance of future acknowledgement from her. A disastrous fate, that none desired!

As fast as Treasure appeared on the front cover of The Ladies World fashion magazine in 1915 stunning every man and woman who looked upon her face, she now vanished from Paris in September of 1925. This happened without a word or seemingly a trace.  Subsequently, she returned to Australia.

No sooner was her aunt laid to rest in the peaceful serenity of Waverley Cemetery looking over the cliffs of Bronte and out to the sea, than her niece drove out of sight from public life forever.


Treasure looked over and smiled at her closest friend, Ella, seated beside her in her uncle’s Buick. His lordship, or otherwise known as Uncle Marcus the pompous oaf, would ride home leisurely in a chauffeured car like the royalty he was not! However, like his wife, he too liked to keep up a distinguished appearance. Because of that, Aunt Primrose insisted with her dying breath, that she must be laid to rest among the glorious poets and other distinguished notaries. Flamboyant in life and the same in death, nothing less would suit her style.

            “Well what now?” Ella yelled above the engine roar. “Do we go to the after funeral ta-do at the palace like good little girls or don’t we?” They both roared with laughter knowing the pomp and paraphernalia that neither wished to participate in. There was even to be – a string quartet.                                                                                                                                                

“I see no reason why,” Treasure answered. “My devotion for Aunt Primrose never extended to Uncle Marcus, and I have no idea why they remained married. His first love was always the bank and his money; he showed no amorous love at all for my aunt while she lived, so I am not going to be caught up in his pretense now that she is gone. Aunty would never have expected it!” Treasure’s beautiful green eyes shone with the reminder of the love lavished on her by her aunt. With no children of her own, Primrose took her beloved sister’s child in without a word. She was more of a mother than Treasure’s own had ever been. With eyes now looking straight ahead at the road, with careful attention to maintain the 25 M.P.H. speed limits, so not to get stopped and booked. Treasure reminisced aloud.          

“You know Ella; I always wondered what became of my parents when they left me with my aunt the very last time I saw them. I was told they were going to America, until aunt finally broke her silence one day and informed me, very seriously, that my father and mother both enlisted to help in the war efforts. Yet what was so mysterious about that? ” She glanced sideways at Ella for some sort of assurance and got it, yet from a different angle than expected.

“You have the same kindness in you as your aunt you know; behind her strict frivolous façade was a warm heart that loved you above and beyond.  I wonder why she never had a child of her own.” Ella looked out the open window watching the countryside pass on by as they travelled back to Uncle’s home.  “So tell me the plan again,” she continued. “We get back to your uncles, leave his car there, pick up your new car packed with all our belongings, and depart from city life forever. It does sound exciting, and you were so clever to purchase a vehicle that has never been associated with you.   Although the color and design, does still stand out some –, she tittered.                                                                                                                                      

Ella glanced over at Treasure. She never failed to be impressed by her friend’s beauty and serenity. To Ella, Treasure was her liberator, the sweet girl who had come to her rescue in London so long ago.  She’d been taken off the streets and given a home and a future.

Treasure was smiling to herself, no doubt remembering something about her aunt that tickled her fancy. Without taking her eyes off the road she began to seriously tell Ella things she only ever discussed casually before this.  Now she opened up, and spoke of the close relationship with the woman who had been her surrogate mother, protector, and manager.

“Fifteen years old, Ella.” She spoke as if to herself, screwing up her eyes in thought. “I was at such a young and impressionable age.  I remember both parent’s hugging me and telling me, I would be left safe with my Aunty.” Her face took on a distant look.  “Mother wore a lovely crimson frock and father looked handsome in his grey pinstriped suit. They didn’t look like a couple fearful of travelling with a war raging.” Treasure adjusted her driving glasses. “They were setting off on another adventure as they saw it.  It was an upsetting time for many, not just for me but for all who had their families abruptly cut up out of necessity. Men became soldiers and wives usually became the strength left behind on the home front.” Her hand’s tightened on the stirring wheel.  

            “My aunt was a positive person and never liked to acknowledge any kind of suffering. She tried to maintain a normal and interesting life for the both of us. My uncle was kindly yet always, as Aunty said, had mathematics in his head instead of a human brain.” 

With this she laughed out-loud.

 “They were probably in love once, I suppose, yet I never witnessed an ounce of affection pass between them. They had what looked like a business relationship, he earned the money, and Aunt Primrose kept the house running like a well-oiled machine. Nothing was ever out of place, dinner materialized on the table promptly at six every night, and when guest appeared, as they occasionally did with Uncle’s work, there was conversation and merriment.” With a deep sigh Treasure, shook her head in wonderment. “I don’t know how a couple can live together like that without love, Ella, I really don’t!  There is no way I would want to.”  She glanced sideways at Ella and then quickly back to the road again.

“Well my dear, goodness knows what is in front of us, but I feel confident that good things are going to happen. I have only a vague recollection of my grandmother’s home, but a country town sounds appealing after the rush of city lights, and decadent selfish people.”                                            

            Ella nodded in agreement, and the two were quiet for a time. Treasure concentrated on her driving, and Ella basked in the knowledge she was still with her friend. There would thankfully be no surprising changes with Aunt Primrose’s sudden death. The two would remain together. It was hard to imagine the passing of the years until now, and the days, of London, and Paris, with Milan, and New York, as well for Treasure. It had been a busy time of planning and work for all three. Ella settled back for the ride and let memories wash over her.

 1. Do you believe in De`ja`Vu ?
2. Do angels watch over us ?
3. Do you believe that everything Treasure did, was according to God's plan for her?
4. Why? or Why not.
5.  Do you like to read, unusual romances?
                                YOU WERE CHOSEN  -  BEFORE YOU WERE BORN

Romance dances in all of our hearts. Find out what Treasure DISCOVERED!!

THIS STORY IS: An Enlightening Romance, with Spirit, Suspense, Escape, Discovery, Desire, Fun,
                              Questions, Change, Loyalty, and Temptation.

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