Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Danger- The Outback Wrangler

An interesting occupation in the Australian Northern Territory belongs to Matt Wright, otherwise known as the Outback Wrangler.

Making his dog the star. 

Matt is a helicopter pilot turned animal protector. He works with scientists, wildlife authorities, indigenous elders and cattle station owners, and whoever needs his help. He is a cross between Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee. 

Watch Matt Wright at Work - SHORT VIDEO

Matt can be watched on National Geographic's. 

How I love the Outback. There are animals roaming by the thousands, feral camels, kangaroos, emu's, dingo's, and more parrots of various varieties that are imaginable.

Kangaroos come in grey, brown and red.
In captivity Kangaroos are mostly tame but in the wild you don't go near them. 

The large flightless wild emu

Dingo Wild Dog

Colorful wild terrain 

This is why I love the Outback and why I write about it in all of my books.


  1. It would certainly be an interesting place, if somewhat inhospitable at times, like our desert.

  2. Not only a wildlife protector but a handsome man too. The wild dingo is sure posing nicely for his photo.

  3. I love Australia for it's unique wildlife. What a thrill for me to be so close to crocodiles and walk amongst the kangaroos. Matt is a handsome man with a wonderful calling. God bless him!

    1. Glad you got to visit. I love all of our birds. Yet every country is beautiful.


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