Friday, March 30, 2018

Jesus Died For Us

To-day in Australia we remember GOOD FRIDAY. It is a public holiday and a Holy Day for Christians. It is the day to acknowledge the greatest gift of all, when God came down-and gave himself, for the love of man. Perhaps it is not the actual day that Jesus die on the cross for our sin's. The day is not important, but what he did, is beyond words!   

There are many controversies as regards to when.
One of the principal arguments for Friday is found in that Jesus was crucified “the day before the Sabbath.” Mark 15:42

According to the Wednesday viewpoint, the only explanation that does not violate the biblical account of the women and the spices, holds to a literal understanding of Matthew 12:40, - that Christ was crucified on a Wednesday.

Some people argue for Thursday as the day, and they can also do that in accordance to scripture. What we need to realise is that the Jewish days were taken from sunset to sunset... whereas our days are from midnight to midnight.. 

I lived in Tennessee for three years and I worked there as a Registered Nurse travelling  all over the mountains to my patients. 

The folk I met were beautiful Christian people, and most homes had the radio tuned in to a Christian broadcast.

Due to this, I was able to say that I was also a Christian. Each time I left a visit  - if prompted by the Holy Spirit to do so, I asked the patient IF they would like me to pray for them. 

They ALWAYS did, and it was a great comfort for each one to feel his love..

HOWEVER, I was shocked when Good Friday came around to discover it was forgotten and had been lost in the U.S.  I couldn't fathom this happening in the Bible Belt. 

Shops were open and people worked, just like any other day!

I asked my husband about this and was told it had been swapped for Martin Luther King JR's day, which fell on the third Monday of January. 


So, a mere man, even though a good man, was replacing Christ in worship for a whole nation!
WRONG - Very Wrong.

Today I listened to a message by Donnie Swaggart, Jimmies son. 

What he said hit my heart. 
He said, "America has to wake up and come back to the CROSS. 

Yes, I agree. The Cross, and the day we give respect, honor and remembrance to 

salvation is through the CROSS... and that occurs on GOOD FRIDAY.

Thank you for the Cross Lord.
 The Words that Darlene Zschech wrote in her song:

Thank you for the Cross Lord

Thank you for the Price you paid
Bearing all my sin and shame, in love you came
And gave amazing grace.....

Listen to the song, remember the price Jesus paid, and remember the day. 

                        OUR FAMILY Photo for GOOD FRIDAY


  1. Being born and raised in Tennessee I can look back and see that Good Friday hasn't been held with much respect over the years. In more recent years, though, many businesses do close, banks, utilities, etc. Christians are very much discriminated against throughout the world. What a privilege to get to pray with your patients. I wish you were still in Tennessee.... a face to face meeting would be such a blessing! 💜 Happy, Blessed, joyful Easter, sweet Lady! It was so good to hear from you


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