Friday, March 9, 2018


This is a true story - A Very HARD story to tell.

It is the story of one woman - and yet it is the story of many.

Abuse is rampart in society today. No one is immune from it. Men abuse their wives.
Women abuse their husbands.

The elderly are abused by their children and carers.
Children are abuse by those who should be protecting them

We live in a world of selfishness and uncaring.
Due to this pandemic - this book was written.
Hopefully it will show what can happen to any young person who doesn't heed the WARNING signs before their choice of a partner. The devil roams the earth waiting to devour. He can come in the person you fall in love with. Through that person, your life can be shattered.

No-one thinks it will happen to them... and by the time it does, they don't know what to do, which way to turn or how to get out.

This story tells of one such journey through a life of fear.  The hurt, the pain, the anguish, the sadness.

THEN -  it tells how she went from being a VICTIM to that of a VICTOR.
Through her faith in God,  she found the courage to walk away and make a new life for herself.

Now as a retired health professional for the last twenty years, she gives self help and encouragement to others.

Spread the word and help a silence woman to speak up to authorities WITHOUT her husband knowing. 
Also, help young women fall into the trap of Domestic Violence.

This book also comes in Portuguese.


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