Friday, April 13, 2018

A WORLD PROBLEM - Domestic Violence and Abuse

YES! I have written about this before, and will do so again.
Because, no human has the right to hurt another.

I have many Indian lady friends and I know of the sadness, many of these ladies go through.

So, my book has been translated into the Hindi language to give help.
Firstly though, I told my story because I wanted it to be understood that I had first-hand knowledge of
how and what happens when a relationship displays cruelty.

The book also lists addresses where women can find help.

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ISSUE, and education is power.

Where to currently buy this book in digital form. 




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  1. Hi Crystal Mary, lovely to see you blogging again. I'm so glad your book is translated into Hindi given all the abuses suffered by Indian women around the world. I'm sure it will reach many Hindu women in Australia too. May God bless your efforts.


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